What is Homes for Heroes and How do I Know if I Qualify?

What is Homes for Heroes and How do I Know if I Qualify?

Heroes are everyday people in communities all across South Carolina who put themselves in harm’s way to keep the rest of us safe. Therefore, it would only seem fair that real estate professionals, like myself, along with mortgage bankers and title companies work together to supply you with real savings to make your life easier, the way that you do ours! If you are considering buying or selling a home, you should look into the Homes for Heroes Charleston Program. After all, you have earned it!

What is Homes for Heroes?

Homes for Heroes is a program that is designed to help the heroes in our community purchase homes at a significant discount. Of course, the program includes fire fighters and public safety officers, but there are many people who work behind the scenes in a more subtle, but no less significant capacity like health care professionals, educators, those who support our educators, pastors and military personnel. It is a way that we can say thank you for all that you do daily for everyone else.

How Much do You Save?

The price that you save on your home is determined by the purchase price. The Homes for Heroes Affiliates offer a 25% Rebate on Commission and a 50% Discount on Loan Origination Fees. Yes, because I am so honored to have you in our community, I want to give back by taking less and putting that savings back into your hands.

Are There More Steps Involved or a Lot More Red Tape?

The best part about the Homes for Heroes Program is that there are literally no extra hoops or hurdles that you have to jump through to purchase the house of your dreams at a price you can afford. All you have to do is fill out an application form and the rest is taken care of. The Homes for Heroes Promise includes:

  • No extra paperwork
  • No additional red tape
  • No hidden fees
  • No fine print details
  • No catch

The Story Behind Homes for Heroes

The program was started in 2001 following the 9/11 tragedy where so many brave Americans fought bravely to keep everyone safe. Originally, the program was designed for the “heroes” of the event like law enforcement officials, fire fighters and first responders. A group of business owners in the state of Minnesota formed a network to establish savings in the aftermath to assist those heroes who put their life on the line in many ways. The program, over the years, has been altered to include those people in communities across America who provide services that help to keep the rest of us safe.

Do I Have to Work With a Homes for Heroes Realtor?

Yes, you do have to work with a Homes for Heroes Realtor to receive the Gross Brokerage Commission. And the good news is that I am one of them in the Charleston area who is honored to do what I can to give back! All you have to do is go to My Homes for Heroes Account page and fill out some simple questions and we can get started finding the home of your dreams today.

Those who dedicate themselves to others expect nothing in return, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve it. I am humbled to be able to help those in the Charleston community who give of themselves tirelessly day in and out by finding them a safe haven to return home to the way that they provide all of us with a safe community.

Contact me today to discuss if you qualify to be a part of the program and to work together to find a Homes for Heroes Charleston dream home today! You can also read the FAQ here.

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