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What Characteristics to Look for in Your Real Estate Agent

With the real estate market still going red-hot in Summerville, SC, you might be considering either buying or selling in the area. Although it may seem like the agent that you use might not really matter, it does. Buying or selling a home can sometimes come with significant hurdles, legalities, and other stressful situations related to financing. This is why interviewing many Summerville real estate agents before hiring is critical. Before you sign any contract to list, look for these characteristics for the best experience possible.


No two real estate transactions are the same, which is why it’s vital to find someone who can handle all the little hiccups that can arise. An experienced agent can help guide you in your real estate decisions, has the roadmap to make things go more smoothly, and can anticipate problems that less-experienced agents cannot. They also have the networking to get a jump on listings, which can be a huge help – especially in a low-inventory market like the one we are experiencing right now.


Real estate does require a specific educational background and certifications, but it takes more than that to really be the best in your area. People who live in and are involved in a community have a very good overview of what neighborhoods are like and can better match you to your needs. Try to find a real estate agent who is attached to the community that you want to enter. Their insider knowledge can be invaluable to helping find you a home in a specific location that will have what you need, and the culture that you are looking for.

Special Considerations

If you are a veteran or first-line responder, you might be able to take advantage of the Homes for Heroes Program. This is a program that helps those who put their lives on the line for the nation; it assists with financing and it gives them a little extra help to purchase their home. Someone who is already an established Homes for Heroes agent will know if you are eligible and can also guide you to the right financing companies who work with the program to get your loan approved. And they know how the system works.

Personality Style

When dealing with something as stressful and emotional as real estate can sometimes be, it is always an excellent idea to find someone who has a similar personality style so that you are on the same page. The relationship that you have with your agent is important, and so is open and honest communication. Make sure to find someone who is responsive to your needs and makes you feel like you are a priority.

If you are ready to buy or sell a home in the Summerville, SC area, it is a good idea to interview several Summerville real estate agents to find the one that works best for you. At Sea Turtle Properties, we have the experience and insider knowledge to match you with the home of your dreams. And we are also heavily involved in the Homes for Heroes Program. Contact our office today and let’s get started!

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