Tips to Stage Your Home for the Holiday Market

Tips to Stage Your Home for the Holiday Market

I looked at the calendar the other day and had a date shock. How on earth did the holidays creep up on us so fast? As the world returns to normal, most of us are finding the downtime we were enjoying slowly dwindling! The good news is that the real estate market in Summerville is still going strong. So if you are wondering if you should list now, the answer is a definitive “yes”. There are both advantages and disadvantages to listing your home over the holiday season. The biggest is the disruption that it can cause to your festivities.

How to Stage Your Holiday House

Staging your home for the holidays when it is on the market can seem like holding back. Sure, you might not want to clutter all of your living areas, and toning it down might be a must, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the Christmas spirit just as much as you do every other year. It does mean that you might have to be a little more selective about what decorations you decide to unpack and showcase. But on the whole, if you follow these tips to stage your home during the holiday season, you can enjoy the most of it and still make your home show well, even better than during other times of the year, if you do it right.

People Like to Feel Homey and Tradition

If you have traditions that you adhere to over the holidays, you don’t have to downplay them. If grandma’s Christmas skirt is your favorite memory, by all means, break it out. Just pay attention to these simple rules.

Less is More

If you are an overzealous decorator, go about half. You can still pull out the tree, the Christmas lights, the door knockers, and the holiday table cloth. But for just this year, don’t blow up the snow globe outdoors or have your ten-foot Santa greeting people curbside. Whatever it is that you commonly decorate with, be selective and reserve to only using half of what you would normally put out. Clutter is not your friend when you are trying to sell your home, during Christmas, or any other time. Our very own Second Chance Thrift Store is an excellent place to deposit your lightly used items. If you donate to them, 90% of the proceeds go directly to the Summerville community via local charities. So you will be decluttering and giving back at the same time! Be joyous, don’t be over the top!

Dress up Your Doorstep and Entryway

Many homebuyers make their decision about your home before they even step in the front door. During the holiday season, you have an excellent opportunity to really make your home shine. Use wreaths, lights, and planters for a festive and welcome feel. Try to stick with just three colors or use basic whites, if you put in too many textures and colors it can be overwhelming and distracting.

Stage Before You Decorate

It is always a good idea to stage your home using professional stagers. You want to be comfortable during the holiday season, so why not spend the time and energy letting a professional staging company supply some awesome decor and comfy furniture for hopefully your last holiday in your current home. You will not only enjoy your new digs until the house sells; you will delight your holiday guests with an upgraded and welcoming feel!

Leave Out Holiday Treats

One suggestion that many Summerville real estate agents will make is to put something in the oven like cookies before your house showing so that your home smells sweet and inviting. Go one step further and leave out a homebuyer’s treat plate full of home-baked Christmas goodies. Something sweet and tasty will always leave a good impression as will the sweet smells of the holidays.

Keep the Tree Simple

Sure, the kid's homemade decorations are awesome and nostalgic, but they might not fit into the ambiance of the decor. Less is more even when you are decorating your tree. Try to make it fit the decor around it instead of sticking out. Let your children go through the ornaments to find the ones that are a must, but maybe reserve all of them for next year in your new home.

Listing your home for the holidays has both advantages and disadvantages. The key to making your holiday great, while also accommodating showings is to keep in mind that less is more and the most important part about the holiday season is having friends and family, and maybe this year downplay the “things” that we usually equate with Christmas cheer. With any luck, you will be in your new home next year creating spectacular memories, while still enjoying the very best of this one too. At Sea Turtle Properties, our mission is to take the hardships out of listing and home buying. Consider us your experts for all things Summerville and Southern. Contact us today to see how we can help get your house sold before the New Year approaches.

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