Organizing Your Garage for More Storage

Fall Solution – Simple Tricks for Organizing Your Garage for More Storage

This week is a time when we say goodbye to summer 2021, and hello to fall. Although the weather is still conducive to keeping things outdoors, soon enough, we will be looking for space to store all of the things that need to come in for winter. The solution to your lack of space might be found in your garage, but if it is already littered with chaos, the prospects of using it might be a bit overwhelming. Fear not, try these simple tricks to get your Summerville home organized for the cold-weather season ahead.

Approach it With a Minimalist’s Attitude

Minimalist living is all about only holding onto those things that we actually use and need. The first step to regaining your garage is to throw out everything that you no longer use. Once you know what goes and what stays, sort items into categories or groups. Move all the lawn tools with like lawn tools, so you can store them all together. When possible, place belongings in a plastic container with a lid. That way, things like insects and rodents can’t get comfortable among your things, and it also makes it easier to stack and gain space.

Donate it LOCALLY!

Once you have figured out what stays and what goes, consider donating the items you no longer have use for to Second Chance Thrift in Summerville. It is an amazing organization that gives back over 90% of their profits directly to the Summerville community. Donating will also give you a good feeling knowing that the things you don’t need anymore are finding a good home with someone who does!

Decide Where to Put Things

One of the most critical parts of gaining space is figuring out how best to use it. Start first by thinking about things like what gets used most frequently and store them in an easy location. If there are things that you know will not be pulled out regularly, put them up and away in harder-to-reach areas.

A most functional garage uses most of the wall space available by getting things off of the floor. But you also want to make sure that things are visible so you can look through things efficiently and easily. A combination of different storage systems can help to best use every inch of space.


There was a reason why your grandfather used the pegboard system, it works! Pegboards are not only inexpensive; they are a great DIY project. They are also compatible to use with hooks, shelves, bins, and just about everything imaginable if you are creative enough!

Open Shelves

Whether you decide to use wall-mounted or stand-alone, open shelves provide you with a lot of versatility to store things. They are also great for visibility and stacking. Depending on the type you invest in, they typically can take a heavy load with ease.

Closed Cabinets

For those who are looking for a more appealing looking garage storage system, closed shelves will keep things hidden and organized at the same time. Cabinets can come in a vast number of styles, finishes, and sizes, depending on what you use them for. They are also great to use in combination with other storage systems to keep unsightly things out of sight.

Panelized Storage

Similar to pegboards, panels cover the entire wall and are designed to accommodate various hooks and shelves, but unlike pegboards, they often can handle more weight. The only back draw is that sometimes, they need to be installed by a professional unless you are really handy.

Don’t Forget to Look Up!

Many people forget about the amount of space that can be used on the ceiling. Things that you want to store out of the way like ladders, recreational toys like kayaks, and seasonal gear, can all be suspended from the ceiling using joists. Or use a hoist pulley storage system that is similar to window blind cords. Be mindful of the garage door opener track or you could get into some real trouble.

If you find that you are bursting at the seams and looking for more space as the cold weather hits and things have to be moved indoors, try these quick tips to organize and find more room in the garage. If, however, there simply is no room left to be found, then let me find you a new Summerville home where storage will be in abundance! Check out our website today for more tips and tricks to make you fall in love with your Summerville home again!

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