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Summertime Rental Season is Almost Here – Tips for Getting a Five-Star Rating

As we approach summer, not only is the real estate market in South Carolina red-hot; the rental market is on fire. All of those weary non-travelers during the COVID pandemic are busting out of their everyday lives and anticipating their summer getaway. With a return to summer vacation, there is a lot of chaos, and hopefully no vacancies for your rental. Although things are going to switch hands quickly and there will be very little downtime, now is not the time to overlook the little things that will lead to a five-star review. As any property management company in Charleston knows, for a successful rental, ratings and reviews are everything! Here are five tips to ensure that you get the highest rating possible.

Cleanliness is a MUST

A clean rental has always been a must for a five-star rating, but with COVID overhauling our perception of risk and sanitary conditions, people have a keener eye for cleanliness than ever before. Renters are going to be moving in and out quickly, but you can’t cut cleaning short or put any less time into paying attention to making sure that your rental is presented as sparkling and clean as possible. Now is NOT the time to skimp on finding the right property management company; they will be your eyes and ears to ensure that people are wowed by the condition of your rental.

Maintenance and Repair

With a high rate of turnover and an increase in wear and tear, not only are you going to want to have maintenance and repairs covered to protect your investment; they are also going to be critical for your five-star rating. Nothing is more irritating to renters than going without something while they are staying. If they only rent it a couple of days and the pool filter is out, that is going to leave them with very poor taste. Make sure to ramp up your efforts at finding a property management company that understands the importance of maintenance – one that will make sure repairs are made immediately when needed.

Responsiveness to Problems

Even if the property management group can’t fix something immediately, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be highly communicative. If you are working behind the scenes to get things done, but not informing the renters that things are taken care of, that can lead to a lot of frustration and the impression that you just don’t care. The property management team that you choose needs to be highly responsive and communicative to every call, even if it is not an “emergency.” Every call should be considered an urgent situation for a five-star rating.

The Little Extras

It is considered a nicety to leave things like trash bags and toilet paper for guests. While the rental market is on fire and you are  experiencing a boom in your earnings, now is not the time to count pennies. A well-stocked rental is going to be more favorable than one that only leaves one roll of toilet paper and a single trash bag. It doesn’t cost much to leave more than the average rental in the scheme of things, and what it does for ratings is well worth the cost!

Upgrade When Possible

No one wants to sit on a stained couch or use dirty pillowcases; it just doesn’t promote confidence that you care about your guests’ experience. Even if you can’t be there to inspect your rental’s accessories firsthand, you want to know someone who cares enough to do it for you! If we notice that your decor is looking a little haphazard, we make sure to suggest that they be replaced so that you will always get the five-star ratings you need for success.

As the summer hits the area, many will soon be flocking to vacation in wonderful Summerville and the surrounding areas. Now is the time to maximize your property’s rental schedule and minimize vacancies. At Sea Turtle Property Management, we always ensure that we take care of the small details so that your renters always leave with a favorable impression and a five-star rating of your Summerville vacation rental. Contact us today to discuss how we can take the rental burden off your plate!

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