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The Meeting Place, Now Open for Coffee & Conference Room Space in Summerville, SC

One of my favorite parts about being a realtor is getting to meet so many new and interesting people. Perhaps even more fun is when I get to meet with clients not behind a stuffy, formal desk, but out in the community where we can be ourselves and really get to know one another.

Due to the social and welcoming nature of the town of Summerville, I have been blessed to be included in book clubs, church groups, women’s support groups, youth civic and volunteer fire department groups. And through all the many intimate gatherings that I have been a party to, came my idea of “The Meeting Place by STP”.

What is The Meeting Place by STP?

The Meeting Place, NOW OPEN in Summerville, SC, is a reservable conference space where the concept is to provide a gathering area for groups of any kind to meet in a comfortable and convenient spot. Whether large group meetings like networkers from around the area or intimate book club discussions; our rentable conference room comes equipped with all that you need from scanning to printing equipment. We also offer excellent convenience options like online booking and coffee or espresso.

Upscale Office Space for Rent

One of the best things about The Meeting Place by STP is we can serve as office space for people who don’t need a full-time rental. With so many people now working remotely than ever before, our new concept of off-site rentable conference/office space gives people the potential to have a professional gathering room where they can meet with clients or brainstorm with the team.

And unlike other rentable office space, The Meeting Place comes completely business-ready with wifi service included, large screen capability when requested for PowerPoint or video presentations, and scanning and printing on-site. That way, you don’t have to run around town pre-meeting to get everything together. Or, worry about getting to your meeting to find that you don’t have all the materials you need for things to go as successfully as possible.

Full-Service From A to Z

One of the best parts of The Meeting Place by STP is the partnership with Cuppa Manna. Cuppa Manna is a local beloved coffee shop where many people in Summerville, SC stop into to get their juices flowing throughout the day and night. During a chance meeting where I was fortunate enough to show one of my listings to the owner of Cuppa Manna, the two of us got to talking about my dream of a new venture.

I decided to take a chance and ask Mike Taylor if he had any interest in expanding his already successful coffee shop to partner and make my Meeting Place vision a reality. From there, it grew from concept to reality, and now Summerville, SC will have a new meeting place to sit a spell, hash things out, and have a comfortable, familiar place all their own. Learn more at

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