Tess Beauregard

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Tess Beauregard


Two years ago I decided to make some major life changes, including moving back to the Lowcountry area. I have a daughter on the Autistic Spectrum and felt that giving her the country life with southern hospitality would be the perfect place to build our own homestead. Now we are building and living our dream farm together, raising and caring for rescued and disabled animals while learning to grow and cultivate our own foods.

As a Real Estate Agent and Life and Health Coach, I am super excited to help others find their own comforts of home and share in the accomplishments of home ownership. I have lived all over the country, met some amazing people and lived in some beautiful areas, but have never found anywhere as beautiful as the land, the history, and the people of South Carolina.

I am a country girl at heart, it has taken me a long time to find my way home. Now, I am dedicated to paying it forward, helping as many others as I can, find their own way home, building their own foundation and helping them to make all of their own future dreams come true.