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Micro Brews are All the Rage – And Summerville is Leading the Charge With These Amazing Home Brews!

Let's be real, there is nothing more thirst-quenching on a warm Summerville day than a refreshing micro-beer. Microbreweries are all the rage around the nation, and even in our quaint part of the country. Summerville and Charleston are craft-beer lovers' dreams. Many independent brewmasters are incorporating a bit of the South into their brews and coming up with some super tasty sips that are not only taking the area by storm; they are taking the nation. At Sea Turtle Properties, we love to share our area's favorites and highlight the best of the best. These are our recommendations for those on the hunt for a beer to call their own.

The Frothy Beard

Newly opened in Summerville is the highly popular Frothy Beard Brewery. It offers a taproom, beers for tasting, an area to hold special events, and a distribution center all-in-one. You can also shop and order for carryout. They offer a wide array of beer choices from Wheat to Stout and everything in-between. Their first location in West Ashley was so popular that they decided to grace our town with more of the same. How awesome is it that we no longer have to travel the distance to enjoy their amazing craft beer concoctions? The Wham Pow Punch packs a powerful sock of favor and the Inconceivable is exactly what its name states. Whether you like it light or heavy and frothy, they have it all on tap and on-premises. Located in the newly renovated Hutchinson Square, you can come for the shopping and stay for a beer or two.

Wide Awake Brewing Company

There is nothing sleepy about the Wide Awake Brewing Company! They offer numerous beers to choose from with brewery events to entertain the masses. They tout themselves as being innovators in the brewing world. Their Amber Ale is to die for with a buttery hint of caramel, but slightly more malty compared to a regular pale ale. The Hazy imperial IPA is about as dry as the Sahara Desert, in a good way. And to finish off a meal there is nothing better than the Chocolate Coffee Stout. Its lasting coffee kick after-taste will leave you wanting more. Their brewery events are about so much more than just beer. There is always something on tap both figuratively and literally, it is a great place to hang out and enjoy a hoppy time with friends and family.

Oak Road Brewery

Voted one of Summerville’s favorites, there is always a new food truck to keep the masses fed and it is a place where the community comes out to hang out. Like your favorite local bar, the staff takes the time to get to know you, and your drinking preferences and they are always good at suggesting new flavors for you to try. The whole concept of the Oak Road Brewery is about more than just local craft beer, although their beer is spectacular, the owners decided it was time to debunk the myth that craft beers are just for hipsters. Oak Road has dumbed down the process to make beer accessible and favorable for every taste and palate. On any given night, you don’t need to bring a crowd, you can find your crowd ready and waiting for you! The list of beers and what is on tap might change, but the fun and friendly nature of this joint never will!

Snafu Brewing

Snafu Brewery is all about the dark side of beer, but you can also be hoppy and the mood is light. From strawberry milkshake sour to gnarshmallow sour beer, there is something cool brewing year-round. Their list of sours is vast, but they also have the ever timeless IPAs like Hungry Ghost. Snafu is so popular that you find their latest beers all across the Charleston area from Folly Beach to Mt. Pleasant and everywhere in between. Their original taproom might be in North Charleston, but it is truly a beer of the South, covering the South!

Although traditional American beers started in the midwest region, the South is taking over, and taking the nation by storm. Summerville and the Charleston area are high on the list of amazing craft breweries making a name for themselves and ready to move beyond the Mason Dixon Line. Hop on the hops bandwagon now before you miss the trendsetting, so you can say “I knew it when it was just a hole in the wall”. There is always something brewing in Summerville, so hop on board, hang out with neighbors, and get your froth on this weekend, or any weekend. At Sea Turtle Properties we are so excited to see Summerville expand, yet stay as true to its origins and community! Contact us today to make Summerville your next home.

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