Thanksgiving Season is All About Giving – Places to Volunteer or Donate

As we head into fall, the holidays will soon be upon us. Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks. If you are fortunate enough to have all the necessities in life, why not consider giving your time and resources through volunteering or donation this year? What most people don’t know is that most people get a generous feeling around this time, so volunteer opportunities can be scarce. If you want to sign up to help out, whether it is now or after the holidays, here is a list of organizations that can always use a helping hand.

Dorchester Paws

Dorchester Paws is dedicated to helping animals in our community who need homes. The Dorchester Paws organization is a private shelter that assists over 4000 animals yearly, sometimes housing as many as 500 animals at a time. They have opportunities year-round to donate, adopt, or foster a pet or to volunteer. If you want to volunteer, you can help by walking dogs, caring for cats, or helping with the many events held throughout the year. You can also help with maintenance and repairs, sort food donations, and much more. If you wish to donate, all of your gifts are tax-deductible – with the New Year approaching, now is the time to give!

Doors to Freedom

Doors to Freedom is an organization that provides safe places for survivors escaping sex trafficking. They have a residential facility that offers education and life skills, vocational work experience, health and nutrition, and have partnered with other organizations in South Carolina. There are many ways to volunteer and donate. All donations and proceeds go directly to help young women readjust to living in safe surroundings. There are three levels of donation opportunities. You can become a freedom journey supporter, freedom journey sponsor, or freedom builder. 

Closet of Hope

Closet of Hope is an organization that needs both volunteers and donations in the form of used clothing or monetary donations. As a nonprofit organization, it provides foster families with the clothes they need without charging a fee. Everything that they have in the store is 100% free to foster parents and their children. There is no limit to the clothing you can take and it is open 24/7. Whether you want to drop off donations, sort clothes into size bins, or help with one of their many yearly events, there is always an opportunity to lend a helping hand. They also accept gifts in the form of buying off of their Amazon wishlist or taking monetary gifts via their homepage.

Meals on Wheels 

Meals on Wheels is an organization dedicated to helping the elderly in our community who need help with nightly meals. Volunteers not only help to deliver the food; they often stick around to chat and to help the elderly feel less isolated and alone. They are a national organization, but their Summerville operation is always looking for volunteers to help prepare, pack, and deliver the meals. They also accept cash donations. Meals on Wheels has successfully saved lives across the United States for decades. 


The ARK is a network of over 13,000 families helping people in the Summerville area who are caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease. As a volunteer, you can help in many ways, such as assisting on projects, serving coffee and tea, preparing lunch, or just sitting to listen to both caregivers and the people they care for. The outreach project has been working in the community since 1996 and serves people in Orangeburg, Colleton, and Dorchester. Whether you would like to give your time or donate charitably, the ARK is an excellent and worthwhile cause to support. 

As we quickly approach the holidays, we are each reminded of the many gifts we have been granted. If you want to make this Christmas season one that is filled with giving back instead of just giving, there are several organizations in the Summerville area that would love the contribution of your time and/or resources. These are just a few to consider, but in Summerville, we are all family with many ways to get involved. Contact Sea Turtle Properties today and let’s help you find your place within our community!

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