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Five Steps to Sell Your House Quicker

As we roll into the second half of 2021, the Summerville house market is still going strong. Inventory is still at an all-time low, as are interest rates. The key to taking advantage of the seller’s market is to make your home as competitive as possible to sell quickly so you don’t risk missing red hot conditions. These are some quick and easy things you can do to make your home more attractive to sell quicker and for the asking price or above from your neighborhood Summerville realtor Sandy Pomeroy.


According to statistics, 67% of the highest-earning agents report that staging your home helps to increase its selling price, and once more, 92% believe that it is beneficial to sell your property both quickly and for closer to the asking price or more. Staging is an excellent way to freshen your living spaces and make them appear more inviting. Homebuyers are usually not very imaginative. When they see a room that is decorated and trendy, it gives them a more favorable impression of your home overall. For the small cost of staging, it is a no-brainer.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing can help your home show better than a fresh coat of paint. If you have little ones, furry friends, and high-traffic areas, they can begin to look rundown and aged. Homebuyers don’t want the hassle or the expense of having to renovate or make many improvements. When you add a fresh coat of paint, it removes all the flaws that can distract potential homebuyers from seeing your home in the best light. Also, stick with neutral colors. Whimsical is nice if you want to bring your personality into a living space. But what potential homebuyers want to see is the potential of them making your house their home, so having solid and neutral colors is a great way to win them over.


When polled, the top-earning real estate agents reported that 66% of buyers rank the curbside appeal of a home as one of the most important factors when searching for a house. Also, a smart landscaping overhaul can increase the equity that you have in your home by as much as 28% with a rate of return somewhere between 200 and 400%. When a potential homebuyer drives up to your home, the first, and most lasting impression that they have is what the exterior of your home looks like. In fact, when going over the homes they saw for the day, the picture of the outside of your home is really the first and record that they have. Adding mulch, cleaning up beds, replacing dead or dying shrubs, and keeping your lawn well-maintained are all ways to increase your home’s competitiveness for very little cost. If you do it yourself, you can even keep costs low.


One of the hardest things for potential homebuyers to look past is a cluttered space. Even if you choose not to stage, take the time to pack up your belongings and make a clean floor space. That way, you don’t run the risk of losing your valuables, and you are also one step ahead when you are ready to move. Adding things like small storage spaces, baskets that are both functional and decorative, and removing all the knick-knacks that you love are all ways to show a fresher and more spacious room.

Window Treatments

Homeowners rarely think about the importance of window treatments to the decor of your home. Although they can be expensive, they are well worth the cost of making your home more desirable. Adding budget-conscious window treatments has a rate of return of about 75%, which is substantial. So you will not only get most of your money back when you sell your home; it will also make it more competitive to homebuyers looking for a move-in-ready house without much to do.
The market in Summerville remains red hot. If you are considering putting your home on the market, now is a perfect time. At Sea Turtle Properties, we work to get your home sold and maximize all the real estate tips and tricks in our arsenal to help take the guesswork and stress out of home selling and buying. We can also provide a personalized checklist to prepare your home and recommend local contractors to help. Contact your neighborhood Summerville realtor, Sandy Pomeroy today!

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