Spring Time,Clean Time

Spring Time, Clean Time – Big Changes That Come With a Small Price Tag

When I meet with potential home sellers, one of the first questions they ask me is what they need to do to increase their home’s competitiveness to homebuyers. The key to listing your home to sell, and getting close to the asking price is to make improvements that add value without spending a whole lot of money. The reality is that most homebuyers will change things the way that they want them.

So spending a lot of money to upgrade, probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, especially in a seller’s market. Renovations not only cost a lot of money; they take time. And sitting around waiting is not a good idea in a red hot market with very low inventory. Right now, my suggestion is to make these small and cost-conscious changes that will make your home more inviting from curbside to entryway. Try these spring cleaning tips to list your Summerville home!

Power Wash

Power washing is one of the best and fastest ways to make your curbside so much more appealing. Power washing and soft washing are two techniques that help to remove dirt and debris from the exterior places of your home. By power washing things like siding, walkways, and driveways, you give your home the appearance that it is well-loved and maintained. Homebuyers like to see that things have been cared for, and even if they aren’t new, they will last a long time. That means less investment out of their pocket once they purchase your home.

Wash Windows

Washing your windows is a must-to-list to sell. You want your home to have as much natural light as possible. And if you have dirty windows and window sills, they won’t show well from the indoors or out. It is also a good idea, on warm days, to let a little fresh air in. But if you don’t have your windows cleaned, all you will probably do is let a lot of allergens in. The cost of having your windows cleaned is minimal, but the effect that it will have on your home’s showing is priceless.

Hire a Landscaping Crew

In Summerville, shrubs, trees, and grass can start to grow wildly if you aren’t on top of it. A house that has well-maintained landscaping will always show better than one that has weeds and overgrowth everywhere. You want to welcome potential homebuyers with a crisp and clean entrance. It is the little things like fresh mulch, weeding, and trees that are properly trimmed and disease-free, that really count. Yes, homebuyers do notice those sorts of things. And if they want to make an offer, they will deduct what it will cost to get the landscaping under control. Once more, their estimate is going to be way more than it will cost you to have it done before you list!


There is nothing worse than having too much “stuff” and no place to organize or put it. Adding built-ins to the laundry will help you store all those little things that you have no space for. Or, have someone build shelves in your closet to house your things. It is a New Year, and what better way to fall in love with your house than to make it more organized and orderly! Built-ins aren’t only awesome looking, if you plan them correctly, they are utilitarian too.

Change out Your Entry Way Door

Cleaning your home out and organizing is the key to a great showing. Potential buyers want to walk into open spaces that are clean and organized, not cluttered and loud. All those family heirlooms are no doubt beautiful and cherished, but they only distract the buyer from seeing the potential of what their own things will look like in a space. Think of your home as if it were a canvas, make it a blank one instead of one riddled with too much stuff! And if you clean and declutter now, you will have less to do when it comes time to move – win-win.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

When you live in your home day in and out, you start to look past all the imperfections like children’s handprints all over the wall or smudges everywhere. A fresh coat of paint is super inexpensive and can make a severe difference in the way that your home shows. If you have the skill set to do it yourself, even better – but remember, just because you can do something, that doesn’t mean that you should. A poor paint job will probably look worse than no paint job at all. My suggestion is to put your faith in one of the highest recommended painter in the Summerville area – First Class Charleston Painting

Add Storage to List Your Summerville Home!

Nothing will turn a homebuyer off more than seeing things overflowing or all over the place. When someone is in the market for a new home, they want to find something to accommodate them and their family. If your home is to the brim with your things and nowhere to put them, that isn’t going to convince anyone that buying your house is an upgrade. Do what you can to add little storage conveniences in the laundry room, kitchen, and kid’s room. You would be amazed at how much better an organized home shows than one that has “stuff” everywhere.

When it comes to making improvements to your home in a buyer’s market like this, time is of the essence. If you put too much money into renovations and redoing things, you probably won’t recoup it in a buyer’s offer. If you have the goal of making your home competitive and fresh, instead of redoing and upgrading, little improvements to list are a whole lot less stressful and expensive. Contact Sea Turtle Properties today to list your Summerville home. We can help advise you about little changes you can do to make your home more competitive!

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