Spring Spruce Tips – Landscaping Ideas and Help in Summerville

As we quickly head into spring, summer is riding on its coattails and soon we will be hit with the hot summer heat. If you want to get your landscaping ready for the spring and summer ahead, now is the time. There is nothing more miserable than laboring during the hot summer weather. If you plan now, summer weather will be a breeze as you sip tea on your porch or patio enjoying the fruits of your spring labor! These are five ways to enhance your curbside’s appeal as we say goodbye to sweater weather from your Summerville home selling and buying experts!

Add Annuals

The main difference between annuals and perennials is that annuals only last one season’s bloom. But another difference is that annuals tend to have bright and blooming flowers that are out of this world. If you want to enhance your outdoor areas, set up differing pots full of flowers. You can either stick with a color scheme that is somewhat tame or be totally whimsical in your design. Sometimes the secret garden that screams with varying colors makes a wonderful entertainment area. So be as adventurous as you want! If you’re looking for a nursery with an amazing supply of wonderful exotic beauties, check out Middle Earth Nursery. It might look small from the outside, but the inside is an exploration of color!

Hide Outdoor Eyesores

One of the worst parts about winter is that things can look so plain. Unfortunately, the same can be true of the summer if you don’t plan right to place bushes appropriately that can stand the height of the summer’s heat. If you are tired of looking at eyesores like your porch lattice or your air conditioning unit, consider flowering shrubbery like hydrangeas or oleander. That way, instead of looking at barren areas, you will see beauty in the most inconspicuous places. Stack’s Nursery and Flowertown Garden Center, are great local flower and plant shops that have an amazing selection and assistance to help you plan your landscape design!

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Robert Frost said it best when he said “good fences make good neighbors,” and that isn’t a knock on old Southern hospitality. If you want to add some separation to your outdoor areas, or some privacy to your deck or patio, then a picket fence is a perfect addition. For even more seclusion, think about adding vines to the pickets or use a slotted fence and paint it camouflage so that it blends in, but makes a bold statement at the same time. Charleston Creative Fences and Aspen Fencing are two amazing local contractors in the area who can help make your fence vision a reality.

Mulch and Rock Gravel Your Pathways

One way to make your landscaping look more “controlled and tamed” is by sectioning off pathways where the grass is likely worn anyway. Lowcountry Landscape Supplies has a vast number of mulch colors and rock and gravel options to suit your landscaping design eye. From limestone to granite rock, mix and match textures around your yard to add flair and interest. It is also a great way to worry less about dog tracks where you simply can’t get the grass to grow. Once more, it will help to keep your bushes and trees healthier by locking moisture into the soil.

Hire a Summerville Landscaping Professional

Not everyone has a green thumb, and for some, the thought of landscape labor makes you green. If that sounds like you, the Southern Acres Landscape and Design LLC or Matthew Ward Landscapes are your answer. Designing, planning, and caring for the great outdoors is not everyone’s forte, and luckily, it doesn’t have to be. We have amazing local landscaping design experts who are ready and willing to take on your wild-taming desire to create an entertaining space in your outside areas!

As we head full-on into spring, now is an excellent time to get outside and take control of your landscaping. No one wants to be slaving in the heat making their great outdoors great, so take the time now to put in the labor, or hire a company that will. That way, you will want to take the party to the patio this spring and summer. Sea Turtle Properties is your local resource for all things Summerville home selling and buying. Check out our other featured articles today!

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