Spring Has Sprung – It’s Pickleball Time!

Although Daylight Savings Time might take some getting used to, it signals that spring has sprung – and in the Summerville area, that means the great outdoors is calling! If you want to get some fresh air, enjoy friendly competition, and immerse yourself in the Summerville community, then you might enjoy playing pickleball. If you are wondering “what is pickleball?” then you are missing out – it is definitely something that will spark your enthusiasm and it’s a great way to get your game on!

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball might sound like a funny name, but there is nothing funny about the competition of it! It combines everyone’s favorites: badminton, ping-pong, and tennis, and it can be played both indoors and outdoors. All that is needed is a badminton-sized net and a tennis-type court. In 1965 two fathers, Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell, invented Pickleball to entertain their families and it quickly became a national sport. The reason that it is named pickleball is that it was named after the originator’s dog, “Pickle.”

It is a Perfect Sport for Everyone From Newbie to Seasoned Pickler

If there is one sport that we truly adore in Summerville, SC, it is pickleball. Recreational sports are best when they have a little bit of friendly competition mixed in with some skill and excitement, and pickleball has it. In Summerville, you can choose from couples’ games or involve the whole family. Pickleball is perfect for people of all athletic levels and skills, which is why it is just like our town – suited for everyone!

Summerville Loves Pickleball!

Pickleball might not have a huge following all over the nation, but it does here. There are many competitive clubs to join; from Doty Ark to Goose Creek Community, there is always a team looking to take on new members. In Summerville, pickleball isn’t just about the sport; it is a way that the community comes together, where we make friends, and it is where you know that you are going to have fun, period!

With COVID Tensions Easing, Now is the Time

There are many things that we all missed during the COVID shutdowns, and pickleball is one of them. If you haven’t yet heard of the Nexton community’s new pickleball facility, it is a highly anticipated addition to the Summerville area! The center will not only be home to restaurants and retail; it will have an entirely new pickleball court that broke ground in January of this year. Once completed, it will offer families a great place to congregate and enjoy days and evenings alongside other community members. The Pickle Bar is slated to be a place where everyone can come and enjoy the action. It is set to open in the fall of this year, so stay tuned. The idea is to offer clinics, quarterly tournaments, live music, and ongoing drink and dinner specials.

If there is one sport that we love in Summerville, SC, it is pickleball. Pickleball is a place where everyone from every skill level, and at any age, is welcome to strap their shoes on and come out for a great time. As the warm weather rushes into the area, now is the perfect time to find a league for you, you and your spouse, or you and the entire family, and get pickling! At Sea Turtle Properties, we love the Summerville community and all the many things that it has to offer individuals and families alike. If you are in the market for a new home or thinking about listing yours, contact our office, and let’s get started!

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