Sea Turtle Properties Totals $60,000 Plus in Donations To Homes for Heroes Program

As we head into the spring, there is a renewed sense of hope that things will return to life before the pandemic. It is a time in our nation’s history, global history even, that we will not soon forget. Children will be reading about the last two years plus in their textbooks fifty years from now. Throughout the struggles of COVID, shutdowns, and panic, first responders all around Summerville and beyond put their lives on the line, asking for nothing in return. And what they gave to the community is not only immeasurable; there is very little that we can do to repay their brevity and commitment. One way that Sea Turtle is attempting to say “thank you” is through our donations to Homes for Heroes. I am one of the leading Homes for Heroes real estate agents in South Carolina and a huge fan of those who put others above themselves fearlessly for the rest of us.

What is Homes for Heroes?

Homes for Heroes is a program that was created to reward those who give of themselves, often sacrificing their time with family and safety, to keep our country safe. And also to help people in communities around the nation. The classification of heroes includes, but is not limited to, firefighters, military personnel, and veterans of all ranks and divisions in the U.S Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Navy. It also includes first responders, law enforcement, nurses, healthcare professionals, teachers, EMTs, and paramedics.

What is the Program For?

The program provides assistance in buying or selling a home with discounts on real estate, appraisals, title and inspections, and lender fees. The professionals who work with the program do so on a volunteer basis and give a portion of their commission or salary as a donation to the individual with whom they work. The average hero saves as much as $2,400 when they purchase or sell a home, saving about $1,700 with an in-network real estate agent, $500 in lender’s fees by working with an approved mortgage company, $150 on title services, and $50 on their home inspection costs.

You Don’t Need to Use All In-Network to Save

If you are already working with someone in the buying and selling industry, you can maintain your relationship with them. You do not need to choose all of the people involved based on their participation in the program. But the more people that you do work with who are a part of Homes for Heroes, the more you will save.

Assistance at Every Turn

There are many hurdles along the way to obtaining a mortgage for the average buyer. Homes for Heroes participants are savvy at finding creative ways to get your loan approved or to help you refinance your home. We all work well together and have a healthy network where we refer one another to ensure that heroes get all that they deserve for all that they do.

Sea Turtles Properties Total Contribution to Homes for Heroes

Because we believe in the Homes for Heroes program so completely, we are committed to donating both our time, energy, and commissions to those who need our help. To date, we are a real estate leader in the program, donating more than $60,600 to heroes around Summerville and beyond. Giving back is not only something we believe in; we are committed to it!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank first responders everywhere, as we hopefully head into a post-pandemic recovery, for all that you did to keep us safe. And also, all that you continue to do. If you are eligible to participate in the Homes for Heroes Program, we would love to help. Contact Sea Turtle Properties and let us navigate the complexities of saving you as much as possible to say “thank you” for your service today!

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