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Now is the Time to Prepare for the Spring Market – 6 Ways to Make Your Home Market-Competitive

I know if you are like me, it seems incredible that we are already well into winter and headed for a new year. Last year brought a whole lot of challenges to our community both personally and professionally. And although it was tough to get through, my prayers are that 2021 will be a much less stressful year with nothing but good things ahead. One way to move on from 2020 might be to list your home and find a new place to set up roots. With the spring market right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your home list-ready in time by using this home selling checklist! Likely, you will have some stuff to do, so don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. If you don’t dig in your heels and get started, you might just miss it!

Brighten up Your Curbside Appeal

Some home buyers make up their mind about whether they want to live in a home at the curbside before they even enter. Potential buyers want to drive up to a home that is welcoming and friendly. If the exterior of your home looks unkempt or outdated, the buyer is likely to form an unfavorable impression right out the gate. It takes very little to make your curbside appeal more appealing.

Consider adding new landscaping, mulch, and flowers for a splash of color. Also, try to hide unsightly things around the exterior like the air conditioning unit and other mechanical musts. And one of the best ways to enhance your exterior outlook, for very little money, is to have your home pressure washed. You don’t have to spend a fortune making your home look well-maintained and loved. After all, if you don’t look like you love and care for your house, it will be hard for them to love it upfront.

Upgrade Fixtures

Nothing can make a home look more dated than hardware and fixtures that are just plain old and rundown looking. Changing out sconces, hanging lights, and upgrading door knobs and handles is something that you can do yourself. And for the small cost, it can really improve the overall feel of your home. Sometimes you can spend very little and get a whole lot for it. And the fine details are what home buyers notice first and foremost.

Update the Kitchen

You don’t need to do a complete kitchen remodel to turn your kitchen from failing to fantastic. Things like resurfacing cabinets, upgrading appliances, and changing out kitchen hardware can breathe new life into your home. Also, adding upgrades like newer countertops can completely overhaul the feel of your kitchen. If you put in a little extra work to bring one of the most important rooms of your home up to date, potential homeowners won’t just see one renovation project after the next. They might want to redo your kitchen down the line at some point, but do what you can to make it nicely livable in the interim without spending a whole lot of money that you likely won’t get back.

Regrout Showers and Bathtubs

One of the biggest turn-offs to potential homebuyers is a shower that is yellowing or moldy. If you can’t get mold and mildew out by cleaning it, or if your grout has started to turn colors, regrouting can make it look like new again. Make sure to cut away at the old mildew or mold before you do it. And you can hire a professional for nearly nothing, or you can choose to do it yourself. It is an excellent way to make a huge difference without making a huge dent in your wallet!


A house that is staged, uncluttered, and nicely decorated will almost always sell quicker and usually closer to the asking price. Consider adding pillows, wall hangings (that are neutral), and areas to spaces to “warm” them up. A room that is well decorated and cared for will make a potential buyer want to sit right in and get comfortable. The key to selling your home is creating the illusion that a home buyer has found their personal “comfort zone”. So do the little extras that will be inviting and make someone want to sit and stay awhile – or forever.

A Fresh Coat of Paint is a Must!

Nothing can instantly make your home look newer and well-maintained more than a fresh coat of paint! Homebuyers are looking for a fresh canvas for their things to color, so if you have any paint colors that are a little outside the ordinary, you might love them, but they can potentially turn off someone in the market for a new home. It isn’t just about putting on a fresh coat of paint to get rid of little kid hand marks; it is about keeping it neutral. So, pick standard colors and ones that don’t really “stand out”. You can hire a professional painter to go through the house. Or, if you start now, you can probably do room by room by yourself and save a whole lot of money, while making a significant difference!

Also, if you are looking for seasoned professionals that know their stuff please feel free to give us a call anytime at 843-637-7334.  I would be happy to refer you to one of the professionals we routinely use.

Although it seems like winter just started, we are already halfway in. What that means for anyone considering putting their home on the market in time for the spring, is that it is go-time. Now is an excellent time to start putting the little extra time and money into your home so that it will be ready to go, and go for the asking price! Contact Sea Turtle Properties today and let us help you devise a home selling checklist!

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