Micro-Apartments – Why Minimalism is Winning

As we head into a post-pandemic world, many people have begun to readjust what they thought pre-COVID and have changed their priorities. One major shift that we have seen as a society is that people are putting more emphasis on relationships, and less on work and attaining wealth. All across the nation, many people are opting to enjoy more. If you are looking to downgrade and move, a micro-apartment might be the perfect trade-off for these reasons. These are all reasons to downgrade that Sea Turtle Properties shared with RedFin’s readers.

Less Space to Fill

Have you ever noticed that the more room you have, the more you tend to accumulate? If you want to free yourself from acquiring things, then a smaller space is the perfect catalyst: first, to purge and find freedom, and second, to keep things minimal! A micro-apartment will keep things simple. Without room for items that just sit, you can only have what you need and need what you have!

Save on Energy

The fact is, that the more space you have, the more you have to heat and cool. A micro-apartment, by necessity, will require less energy to run. You will no longer be heating and cooling areas that no one uses. You also won’t have to keep your HVAC running at full blast. A smaller space costs less to keep comfortable.

Lower Rent

Typically, the rent is guided by the number of rooms that you have and the square footage that you occupy. A micro-apartment will cost you less because of the size, which means that you can move to a better location without paying an exorbitant amount. Want to live on the beach? You can probably afford it if you rent a micro-apartment versus a spatial three-bedroom!

Less to Clean

Along the same lines as less space to fill, micro-apartments require less cleaning because there just aren’t many places that get dirty. When you live in a tiny space, you aren’t going to be able to let things sit and accumulate dirt or dust; you’ll be living in every inch. The less time it takes to clean, the more time you can spend adventuring in the great outdoors. Micro living is the best way to really live!


Sure, having a lot of space to spread out is ideal for some people, but for others, having a cozy place to call home is preferred. If you just want to hunker down and get comfortable in a small space, then a micro-apartment is just what the realtor ordered. Why be guided by others’ expectations of what you need when you know what you actually do need?

As we head into the post-pandemic world, many are choosing to work less and live a more minimalist life. There are many reasons that a micro-apartment is ideal to live in – and to own to rent out. Not only does it cost less to rent; if you own it, you can rent it out easily. For more great tips on rental property musts, contact Sea Turtle Properties to get the latest news and trends today!

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