Making It Through the Holidays with Your House on the Market

The holidays are a time of creating memories and holiday spirit, but that does not mean that they don’t come with some additional stress and chaos. As the party planner, holiday shopper, and class mom, there is already very little time in your schedule for the hassles that come with listing your home – at any time, but especially during the holidays. If you feel like your life is up in arms and the season has just begun, here are some tips to make it through the holidays with your home on the market from our real estate Summerville seasoned veterans.

Catering is Going to be Your New Bestie

We know that some of the holiday traditions are based around food and you feel obligated to make your table a feast, but creating tradition isn’t about things – it’s about people. This holiday season, recognize that your family is visiting and sitting at your table because they want to spend time with you, not because they want a piece of your famous pumpkin pie (we’re not saying that it isn’t famous). There will be plenty of occasions in the future to make up for the lost time in the kitchen, so why stress yourself out now?

Learn to Ask for Help

Who doesn’t want to be a self-sufficient superhero? Part of being superhuman is learning that we all have an Achilles heel. If you find that you simply can’t go it alone, your friends and family are there to help. If you try to look at it as the fact that your family wants to see you more often and let you spend time with the grandkids, then you might be giving them the best gift of all: time spent together creating memories that last forever. 

Gifts Come in Small Packages of Love

Arguably, a lot of the holidays aren’t spent on finding the perfect gift for those you love; they’re often spent on the small things like remembering your child’s teacher. This year, even though you pride yourself on finding that thing that makes everyone smile, it is okay to go generic. Sometimes people really do just like getting gift cards and it isn’t a cop-out. It allows them to decide what they want for the holidays, or they can use it well into the new year!

Know that the Worst Timing Will Happen

Although you want everything to happen as it is supposed to without any unpleasant surprises, listing your home is always going to come with last-minute schedule changes and unexpected hiccups. Try to keep in mind that people have very small time frames during the holidays and usually try to see homes whenever they can fit them in. It isn’t that they are trying to be disrespectful; it’s just a time crunch. If you see it as a blessing and consider that the next person to walk through your home might be the buyer, you can gladly leave your home for a bit and go out and run errands.

Perfection Doesn’t Sell Your Home

When it all comes down to it, perfection doesn’t sell your home; many factors do. We aren’t going to tell you that you should leave your home in a hot mess and no one will care, but just know that potential homebuyers understand that you are in the midst of the holiday season, just as they are, and if they can’t give you a little leeway for a home that isn’t in perfect shape, then they are probably going to be problematic buyers all the way through, and you might be better off. Remember, even during the holidays, everything happens for a reason.

As we head into the holidays, we at Sea Turtle Properties know that times are stressful enough without listing your home, and it can be even more difficult with so many other activities and responsibilities during the season. Try to keep a calm mind and recognize that you need to give yourself a little TLC and not try to be a superhero this year. Next year, when you are in your new forever home, you will totally crush it. Our real estate Summerville agents are pulling for you and, most importantly, we’re here for you throughout the holidays and all year long!

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