Summerville Farmers Market

Looking for a Way to Enjoy Fall in the Great Outdoors? Summerville Farmers Market is it!

The announcement that kids will not be returning to school just yet, has many families wondering what they can do to spend some time away from homeschooling and in the great outdoors. With fall quickly approaching, Summerville Farmers Market is an excellent way to spend the day, and it has a little bit of something for everyone. Sometimes, as a family, I know that it can be hard to please everyone of various ages. But that is where Summerville Farmers Market excels! Whether it is eating out, finding local and fresh produce, or shopping, you won’t hear anyone saying “I’m bored,” and bringing down your day adventure.

Social Distancing and Masks are Required

Although it is an open-aired market, due to COVID, you are still supposed to maintain a safe social distance when indoors or out. Masks are required to enter into any establishment, including restaurants, but they can be removed once you are seated and safely distanced from others. One of my favorite things to do at the Summerville Farmers Market is grab coffee, breakfast, or lunch at Eva’s On Main in the square. Whatever you order you can be assured it will be delish!

The Market is Located at 200 Main Street

Amidst the downtown center of Summerville, at 200 Main Street, you can peruse local farmers, fisherman with fresh seafood, bakers with the most delectable baked goodness, and locally ranched meats. The Market is held in the parking lot of the First Citizens Bank and it runs Saturdays from 8 am – 1 pm, from now until November. With fall just around the corner, you can also find fall decor from local artists and other harvest goods to decorate your home for the upcoming holidays. Rain or shine, the market must go on, and there is always live music to enjoy in the Market Cafe between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm.

After Finishing at the Farmers Market Stick Around to see More of Downtown Summerville

After you are finished with the Farmers Market, stick around to see what more the downtown has to offer. Grab a glass of wine to wind down your day at Accent on Wine & More, or stroll through Main Street Antiques to find hidden treasures. If antiques and shopping are your thing, there is also Relic Revival Antiques or EveryThingChic, which really does have just about everything you can imagine.

The Downtown Area Has so Much to Offer!

For the fashion-forward woman looking for an outfit to hit the town on Saturday night, Maggie Rose Ladies Boutique has all the latest designer fashions that you can’t get anywhere else. From fancy to fantastic – you can find it there. And if cooking is your thing, the Lowcountry Olive Oil shop is a perfect stop-in to find just the right seasonings to make your Farmers Market produce finds come alive with flavor.

Although COVID has kind of put a damper on the fall, there are still a ton of fun, and safe, things to do in and around the Summerville Farmers Market. With the cooler temperatures finally hitting, go outdoors and enjoy some time shopping, eating, and saying “Hi” to a community of people who miss you greatly this Saturday!

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