Living Groundhog Day

Living Groundhog Day? Try These Fun Summerville Weekend Activities to Switch Things up

Well, it’s official, Groundhog Day is supposed to be behind us. And even though there were mixed readings about spring's timing, either way, it is time to leave Groundhog Day behind you, spring or not! With vaccinations now becoming available around the Summerville area, the hope is that things will soon return to normal. But, in the meantime, if you have gotten stuck in a rut and feel like you have limited options for weekend fun, these are some cool activities for the entire family!

Charleston Battle Ball

Looking to get a little energy out? Charleston Battle Ball is an ideal weekend activity for the whole family. Charleston Battle Ball rents out giant balls so people can play a silly and fun soccer-type game with up to six other members. Almost like giant hamster balls, you not only get to smash into one another and get some cooped up energy out; you get a little bit of the great outdoors and exercise. The best part is they are totally COVID safe.

Music in Motion Family Fun Skating Center

Looking to do something you haven’t since you were a kid? The Music in Motion Family Fun Skating Center is an excellent close-by getaway! Skate your Thursday night away or try the Friday all-night skate-a-thon. Even better, Sundays are half-price admission. Skating is a great way to beat the monotony of your day-to-day must-dos. And it is also an excellent way to burn a few calories to be beach-ready for summer! You can also join in Saturday anytime from 11 to Midnight; it is an activity the whole crew will enjoy!

Royal Lanes

Ah… let the bowling commence! Royal Lanes are open again for your enjoyment. They have daily pricing all weekend and they are open as early as 9:00 am on Friday. Bring the whole family to test your skills at sending the ball down the lane. Once more, they offer cosmic bowling for the kids and an entertainment center to play games. On Friday, they also offer karaoke at Alley Gators Sports Bar ’n Grill – who says kids get to have all the fun?!

Frothy Beer Brewing Company

The Frothy Beer offers a fun night of microbrews and board games. And you don’t have to be stuck inside, they also have an outdoor area to enjoy the awesome spring weather. The taproom is open from Thursday to Saturday and they serve food. You can enjoy the ambiance and just escape the same old, same old, if for only one weekend. It is well worth it!

College of Charleston

Have a college-bound child? Why not introduce them to life staying close enough, yet far enough, away? The College of Charleston has a beautiful campus that combines the best of city living with the sheltered feel of a college campus. Even better than having them close by to visit? The college kids get to spend the weekends on the beach soaking in the sun and leaving the stress of their studies behind for a bit! Take a walk around the campus and the surrounding area to see all that they have to offer your college-goer!

Groundhog Day is officially behind us, but that doesn’t mean that some of us aren’t feeling like it is here to stay. Take the advice of the groundhog who predicted an early spring, and get a jump on family fun this upcoming weekend.

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