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Lawn Care Tips To List Your Summerville Home for Spring – Making the Most of Your Landscaped Areas!

As we head into spring, the showers have been a bit much, but one good thing to come from them is the lush green landscaping. If you are going to get in on the boom of the spring market, now is a perfect time. Charleston and the surrounding areas are experiencing one of the lowest inventory markets ever, which means that it is a seller’s advantage. Even though most home sellers are getting either close to the asking price, or above, there are some things that you can still do to increase the value and competitiveness of your home. These are lawn care tips for spring that will have your curbside appeal super appealing!

Mow Your Lawn

When mowing your lawn, place the blade slightly lower than the normal recommended length height to cut. Once you have cut it, make sure to go back over and remove the clippings, and any dead debris or grass. That will help to give your lawn some healthy breathing room to reduce the risk of fungal disease. And it will help to expose the soil underneath. Also, take the time in early spring to seed any patches left from the winter.

Mulch or Pine Straw Beds

Pine straw is a Southern thing and looks amazing when placed around flower beds and trees and shrubs. And mulch is also a choice for the Summerville area. But whichever you choose, it isn’t just about aesthetic appeal. Mulch and pine straw, when placed strategically, help to keep the moisture in the soil. Again, as the temperatures start to increase, having a healthy amount of either around your landscaping decreases your need to keep things watered.

Treat Weeds

Spring is an excellent time to rid your lawn of weeds. An abundance of weeds will rob the nutrients that your lawn needs to grow and be healthy. Targeted treatment is easier during the spring when weed roots tend to stand out more.

Use Pre-Emergent Herbicides

To prevent things like crabgrass, it is important to weed before the summer comes along and germinates the seeds. The seeds from crabgrass will germinate when the soil temperature is more than 55 degrees Fahrenheit for a consistent amount of time. Pre-emergent season in the South can begin as early as February, so pay close attention to the weather to stop weeds before they can become super problematic.

Repair Lawn Spots

Things like animal traffic and urine damage will start to show as the temperatures outside heat up. Spring is the best time to seed and fertilize to repair any lawn spots where the grass isn’t growing. If you are diligent about taking care of the spots, it will only take about three weeks to get things growing again.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Use high-quality fertilizing products regularly in the spring so that your grass will really take off once summer hits. Look for agents that contain iron and a good mixture of both slow and fast-release nitrogen to have your lawn looking as green as possible.

Spring is the time when you really want to pay close attention to the health and status of your lawn. All the preemptive care that you provide in the warm weather months will help your lawn stay as green as possible when summer comes along and things really heat up. Remember, your curbside appeal is super important when trying to sell your home, so put in the effort for a lush and green showing. For more tips and tricks about how to increase the value and competitiveness of your home, contact Sea Turtle Properties today!

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