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As the Rental Market Heats Up, Being a Landlord Isn’t Easy – But We Can Make It Easier!

As the inventory in our areas continues to be historically low, many who have not succeeded as potential homebuyers are throwing in the towel and opting to rent and wait out the tidal wave. If you want to maximize your stream of income, then becoming a landlord (if you have the means) might be the ticket. Although being a landlord isn’t easy, our property management in Summerville, SC can simplify it! These are just some of the things we can take off your plate so you can just sit back and collect the checks!

Marketing is Both Essential and Critical

When it comes to keeping your No Vacancy sign hung, the key is marketing. There are many apartments, condos, and short-term rentals to choose from in the Summerville area, which is why being the squeaky wheel is so important. Marketing efforts need to be on a grand scale, including things like internet presence and a rapport with local realtors. At Sea Turtle Properties, we invest a lot in making sure your rental is right there in front of those who are in need. That means you never have a rental sitting vacant!

Tenant Screening

Let’s face it: not every tenant is the type of person you want in your rental. There are a lot of things that can make a tenant either desirable or not so much, and knowing what a tenant’s possible rental risks are can limit headaches and financial issues for you. A company that handles property management in Summerville, SC can weed through applicants to ensure that you get someone credible and responsible so you aren’t left cleaning up the mess – both figuratively and literally!

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

The key to retaining the equity that you have in your rental is maintenance and repairs. Proper maintenance will cut back on your need for repairs that can cut into your bottom line. A good property management company will take steps to ensure that your property is inspected and maintained, and when it does need repairs, we are quick to respond. We also have a list of credible subcontractors who can get the job done correctly.

Rent Collection

No one wants to be the rent collector. Tenants who are behind on their rent typically are for a reason. Why deal with the hassle of on-time rent payments or renters who can’t pay? A good property management group will take the guesswork out of things like accounting services, rent collections, and tenant communications, so that it is never your problem!

Move-In and Move-Out Inspections

It is essential to have someone on-premises for both walk-through move-in inspections and move-out. You want to know the condition of the rental before anyone takes possession, and you also want to inspect to make sure that there isn’t anything amiss when someone moves out. If you own more than one rental, those types of things can become your full-time job. Unless you want it to be your new career, then hiring a property management company is a true must!

Rental property is going to become even more desirable as those who either can’t afford interest rate hikes or haven’t been able to find a home in the low-inventory craze we’ve been experiencing over the past year or more, will be looking for somewhere to hang their hat. Now is an excellent time to consider being a landlord if you have the financial means. If you don’t have the time, however, being a landlord isn’t easy. At Sea Turtle Properties, we have the expertise, training, and networks to ensure that the renting process is not your problem; you can sit back and collect checks. Get started with us today!

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