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Homes for Heroes – What is it and is it for you?

Sea Turtles Properties al Homes For Heroes Realtor Affiliate. Homes for Heroes is even more important to us this year as we reflect on how the first responders and other community leaders put their lives on the line to save lives, day in and out. The program is designed to give assistance to home buyers who work tirelessly to make sure our community, and country, is safeguarded. It is a program that is meant to give back to the many who give so much to everyone without expecting anything in return.

What is Homes for Heroes?

The Homes for Heroes program puts real estate professionals, who are willing to put their time, effort, and commission aside and donate it back to the heroes of the community, in touch with home sellers and buyers . The professionals that you work with, if they are within the program, give what they would make back to you after the homes close, via a check from the Homes for Heroes program. Therefore, the more qualified professionals you choose in-network, the greater the savings you will receive.

What is Eligible for Homes for Heroes?

There are specific occupations and volunteer positions that make you eligible to receive assistance. Those people who qualify are police officers, teachers, first responders, medical care workers, firefighters, military, (active, reserve or retired) and corrections officers. There are some other qualifications that may make you eligible, which we, at Sea Turtle Properties, can help with.

What are the Program Benefits?

Heroes buying a home who work with a real estate agent can save as much as .07% of the total cost of the home purchase, which translates into $700 per $100,000 of the total cost. Once the home closes, you will receive a check from Homes for Heroes that you can use as you want. And if you work with a qualified mortgage lender, inspection professional and title company, you can save an additional $150 for the title service, $500 in lending fees, and $50 off the home inspection.

If you Have a Home to Sell

If you work with a Homes for Heroes designated real estate agent to list and sell your home, then you will get a 25% credit on the real estate agent's total commission upon closing. And if you work with a qualified title professional you save about $150 on your title service. So the more professionals you use within the program, the greater savings you will realize!

Why Sea Turtle Properties Wants to be Your Homes for Heroes Guide…

We are a member of the Homes for Heroes Program because we believe in giving back to those in the community, and across the nation, who give their life to defend our freedom, our safety and our wellness. I, personally, have a proven track record of being the fourth most recognized realtor working with Homes for Heroes in the state of South Carolina and 44th in the nation.

Overall, I have donated $43,000 to the Homes for Heroes cause because I want to make a difference and help those who do so much. We are committed to finding homes for, and helping to navigate the specifics of, the program participants because we want the process to be as easy and stress-free as possible. If you have any questions about the program, or your eligibility, please contact our office today and we will do all that we can to put you in a new home in the Summerville area.

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