Homes for Heroes – The Holiday Spirit All Year-Round

It is hard to believe that yet another Thanksgiving came and went so quickly. The main thing that we are thankful for this year is that social distancing has finally once again given way to socializing and we were able to see loved ones for Thanksgiving and this upcoming Christmas. At Sea Turtle Properties, we believe that the holiday spirit isn’t something that comes only once a year. We participate in the Homes for Heroes Program throughout the year and have donated over $70k and counting to date. Are you eligible?

What is Homes for Heroes?

Homes for Heroes is a government-funded program that helps people across the nation and in Summerville, South Carolina, find homes within their budget. It is a network of professionals in real estate, mortgage lending, and related industries who commit to donating part of their earnings to aid families in the area who put their lives on the line for our community and nation daily. The program applies to both sellers and buyers, and the more in-network providers you choose, the more you can save. 

What are the Benefits of the Homes for Heroes Program?

The Homes for Heroes Program was designed to provide deep discounts for heroes in the community including firefighters, public safety workers, and educators who work to ensure that our community members are cared for and safe. It isn’t just about military personnel, although yes, they are included too. It offers benefits to everyone who sacrifices their own safety and personal life for those around them. 

How Much Can You Save with the Homes for Heroes Program?

The amount that you can save as a member of the Homes for Heroes Program depends on who you choose and how many of the services you use. The Homes for Heroes Professionals provide a 25% rebate on real estate commissions and a 50% discount on Mortgage Loan Origination Fees. When you consider the average prices of homes in our area, that is a significant amount of savings for those who enroll. 

Is it Hard to Apply for the Homes for Heroes Program?

Most people either don’t apply for federal programs because they don’t know they exist, or because there are often many hurdles and hardships related to the eligibility and application process. The Homes for Heroes program was designed to ensure that most of the work is done behind the scenes so that there aren’t any additional challenges for those who are eligible. 

The Homes for Heroes process requires:

  • No fine-print stipulations
  • No additional paperwork
  • No red tape
  • No catch to joining
  • No hidden fees

How Do I Find a Homes for Heroes Realtor in Summerville?

You do have to work with a realtor who is a part of the Homes for Heroes Program in South Carolina, but the good news is that Sea Turtles Properties is not only your top realtor source in Summerville; we are also a part of the Homes for Heroes network. We also have a variety of other professionals with established reputations for excellence in the area. If you choose us, we help you to find all the in-network help you need to make the most out of the program’s savings!

As another holiday season comes and goes, we are reminded that the holiday spirit is not something that we should only celebrate once a year. At Sea Turtle Properties, we believe the holiday spirit should be felt year-round, and being a part of the Homes for Heroes network is just one way that we are doing our share in the Summerville area. Contact us today to get started!

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