School Of Arts- A Summerville Tradition

The History of Rollings School of Arts – A Summerville Tradition

One of the biggest allures about the Summerville area can be found in its rich tradition and history. The Rollings School of the Arts is not only a cherished educational establishment that caters to fostering talented youngsters from all around, it has a wonderful and colorful history. Originally acting as Summerville’s High School in 1924, it has centered its role in the community as being known for breeding the most creative, dynamic, and gifted children in South Carolina and beyond. They offer not just an excellent education; they focus on the “lost arts” that have unfortunately been cut from many middle school programs around the nation.

The History

The Rollings Middle School of the Arts officially reopened in 1997 in historic Summerville. Although having its roots as far back as 1924, there have been many renditions and renovations to make it a viable place for children to learn an arts-focused education. The original stadium is still located on-site, and much of the historical architecture has been preserved. Although much of the old structure remains to stand as a testament to Summerville’s history, it has new amenities and new improvements that make it conducive to 2022 and beyond. Due to the additional space, finished in 2018, it can house as many as 850 of the brightest and most talented students in Summerville.

The Mission

While fine arts programs are continually being removed from the curriculum around the nation. The Rollings School of the Arts has a mission to provide its students with an outstanding curriculum, while also incorporating a much-needed return to the idea of creative expression and the exploration of various arts focuses. From dance to theater and everything in-between, its goal is to bring out the bright in the brightest, and it offers the most comprehensive set of arts educational disciplines possible.

Is Everyone Accepted?

Rollings is committed to educating all students who walk through the doors with the highest excellence in honors. For those who wish to enter the Gifted and Fine Arts Department, there is an audition process that a child has to go through. In addition to the regular curriculum, those who are accepted can choose from various art programs such as band, visual arts, vocal music, dance, theater, piano, and strings, to produce the most well-rounded students.

What About Athletics?

Just because the focus of the school extends to the arts, that does not mean that it does not also offer the very best in school athletics and educational curriculum. From tennis to volleyball, the Rollings School of Arts is dedicated to getting kids involved and bringing out their many talents, in all areas possible.

Summerville is chocked full of unique and amazing historical sites, and the Rollings School of Arts is definitely a unique gem that many in the community aspire to have their children attend. Whether you have a middle schooler with extraordinary talent or you are looking to ensure that your youngster is well-rounded, educationally speaking, then the Rollings School of Arts is just another reason to make Summerville your home. If you are interested in finding homes situated in the Dorchester School District, let Sea Turtle Properties help. We are the area’s premier real estate agency because we not only work here; we are passionate about our community. Reach out today to start your new home search!

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