Moving to Summerville? Try These Great Community Togetherness Links

There was a time when you moved and you were left to your own devices to make friends, find the local grocer, and get the kids to school. Thanks to the internet, navigating has become a lot easier, but there are helpful sites and then there are others that are written for nothing more than advertising. Truly knowing the ins and outs of the community where you live involves actually living there. At Sea Turtle Properties, we make it our mission to help those relocating to Summerville become part of the neighborhood by giving you the valuable information you need. If you want to know what’s going on, use these insider internet links. 

Summerville Tourism

For the latest information, you don’t need to be a tourist; is a site that posts community events around the Summerville and Charleston areas. From festivals to concerts, they give a great overview of what is going on next door, as well as what is going on in the Lowcountry. 

The Dorchester School District Two

One of the reasons that people move to the Summerville area is due to the great schools. If you have young ones attending the Dorchester School District Two, it is a good idea to stay in the loop. Their website will give you all the information you need to know about volunteering information, attendance, handbooks and guides, and just about everything else you will need to know. It is a great resource for all things school-related.

Summerville Dream

If you want to be in the know for all of what’s going on in the Summerville area, then the Summerville Dream website is the place to go. It has a list of all the community events, times, and descriptions. Whenever you are looking for a fun activity for date night or the entire family, you can find a community festivity here

The Town of Summerville

If you want community alerts, are looking for jobs, municipal forms, service requests, or you want to watch the community meetings as they happen, then is an excellent link to have on hand. It includes a government calendar with all the board meetings and events to keep you well-informed and connected. In the forms and applications section, you can get all the business forms you need, from a minority business registration form to a grill permit. You can also pay your municipal bills online, connect with garbage and recycling services, and contact water and service services, all either by phone or via the internet.

Dorchester County

The Dorchester County website is another great resource to stay in the know. From news about the county to business to government, you can pay your taxes via credit card, research services like marriage license information, the sheriff’s office, and even contact Fire-Rescue links. It is an excellent site to get all the information you want, pay online bills, and search the area for job opportunities. 

Dorchester County Parks

Another reason that Summerville continues to be so popular for relocators is their amazing parks and waterway systems. If you want to know what park hours, fees, or rental operations are, you can find out all the information that you need in one place. Whether you want to hit the many parks for the kids to enjoy or kayak the weekend away, this is your resource to find what you need. 

Dominion Energy

Most of Summerville’s energy is supplied by Dominion Energy. If you are having an emergency or outage, knowing where to go to report it, makes it that much easier to get it up and running quickly. Also, Dominion Energy has an online portal to pay your bill, start and stop service, and tips on how to save your monthly energy costs. 

Dorchester Water Authority

Residents in Summerville can use the Dorchester County Water Authority website if that is who supplies their service. Located on the webpage are the many services they offer, a way to pay your bill, and any forms that you need to fill out related to your service agreement, both residential and commercial. The link is a great thing to hold onto!

Dorchester Water and Sewer

If your home is supplied by the Dorchester County Water and Sewer, then having their website link handy is a good idea. The webpage offers information about everything from waste pickup to building permits. It is a one-stop-shop for all things Dorchester County-related. 

The Department of Health and Environmental Control

Over the past two years, The DHEC has been a great source of information about COVID and the transmission rates in our area, as well as testing resources and financial assistance. It is also the keeper of vital records like birth and marriage certificates. Other quick links you can find for home and community are septic tank information, stormwater permits, and beach monitoring to find out about local beach closings. 

Summerville is a tight-knit community with plenty of opportunities to get involved. Our mission at Sea Turtle Properties is to not only be a real estate agency that helps people buy and sell homes in the area; we also develop long-term relationships long after the house hunting is done. If you should ever need any help locating what you need or want to get further involved in the community, we are here to help. In Summerville, we are all family. If you are relocating to Summerville, contact us today for more information.

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