Heading on Vacation for the Holidays? Why Summerville Should Be Your Destination

As we roll into the holiday season, the events of the past several years have really changed our perspective and outlook. If you are one of the many who have decided that experiences and time together trump shiny gifts under the Christmas tree, then you might be looking to hit the road and have an adventure! Summerville is the perfect destination for you and your crew to create new holiday memories!

Quaint and Community

Of all the Southern towns that you can visit, Summerville is one of the most quaint, off-the-grid, and family-oriented destinations. Whether you want to hit Hutchinson’s Square for some window shopping and holiday lights or you are looking for a historical tour for your family to enjoy, you can be on vacation without the hustle and bustle, but still have wonderful sights and things to experience. 

Close to Charleston

The Holy City is one of the most beloved travel spots globally due to its wonderful and rich history, amazing restaurants, and shopping. That doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that you want to be in the thick of it. If you stay in Summerville, you can enjoy all that we have to offer, as well as take a day or two to peruse the wonderful city of Charleston. One of the things we love about living in Summerville is its close proximity to the action without being directly in it!

Visit the Beach

What is better than a beach trip when where you live is icy and miserable? We can’t guarantee that you will want to put on your bikini and hit the water, but you can still see the ocean, watch the sunrise or the sunset on a sandy beach, and look for seashells. When you visit Summerville, you can take a day or two to see all the wonderful beaches within such a short drive. Summerville is really in the best part of the South!

The Summerville Farmers Market

When the farmers markets up north shut down, ours go into holiday mode! In Summerville, the Summerville Farmers Market is open until December and is one of the most fun places to be. It is located in the historical part of Summerville and is something that you will definitely enjoy. There will still be time to do some holiday shopping for that special someone, and what better gift to give your family than a souvenir of your time together on your winter vacation?

The Middleton Place

The greatest time to see Middleton Place is when it is all decked out for the holidays. Middleton Place is a wonderful centuries-old home on the National Historic Registry that is steeped in American history and charm. The property was built in 1755 and is a great way to see what Christmas was like hundreds of years ago. See it all lit up and decorated for the holidays for a real treat!

As we head into the holiday season, many are loving the fact that there is a move away from social distancing and we are all getting to enjoy socializing again. If your perspective has shifted to the holidays being more about experiences and creating memories with family and less about the shiny packages under the Christmas tree, then Summerville is a great place to spend your time celebrating this holiday season. For a list of the best properties to rent, check out our property management in Summerville site today!

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