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Has Back to School Got you Feeling Overwhelmed? Don’t Give up, we are all in it Together!

When school shut down back in March, no one could have ever foreseen that it would extend into another whole year. I want you to know that I feel your pain. I have young children at home, and there were many times towards the end of the last school year when I threw up my hands and almost gave up. Being a real estate agent, I work round the clock, at odd times, and usually at the whim of others, so finding a way to balance home, work, and then homeschooling life nearly seemed impossible.

Finding a Whole New Respect for What Teachers do!

I think we can all join in the feeling of being overwhelmed. Teachers go into teaching for a reason – they love to do it. And it isn’t that I don’t love sitting around with my children reading them books and sharing experiences and knowledge. But when I did in the past, we did it together for fun, mutually enjoying our time together.

Things really changed when I was put in charge of their learning and staying on task. And let me take the time now to give credit to teachers all around Summerville and everywhere. It can be a very thankless, frustrating, and overwhelming job – and I only was in charge of my own.

Feeling Like I was Doing a Disservice

In saying that, teaching your own children comes with a special set of hurdles. First, they know how to push your buttons very well. And second, if they think they can try to avoid something that you won’t know about, they probably will. I found it very difficult to help them to stay on task while my work schedule and routine were spiraling out of control.

And the worst part about homeschooling for me was feeling like I was doing a disservice to them. After all, what did I know about teaching them reading and arithmetic. Those are practical things I might use in my everyday life, but I do so automatically, not thinking about all the steps it took for the tools to come so naturally.

When Summerville Announced it was Too Dangerous to Return – A Hard Reality

So, when Summerville schools decided that it was yet too dangerous to have children return to school for the fall, I am not going to lie or sugar coat it by saying I was excited to start another year at home. Children need time away, being with their friends, and having new experiences. So for that reason alone, I was sad that they were going to miss out on more.

Trying to Turn What Looked Like a Negative Into a Positive!

Although with that being said, I think that I am going to approach it with a different eye heading into this year. Not only have the Summerville schools worked diligently to make things easier on our end and to help find a better way to instruct children without all the handholding that we were doing at the end of last year, I have learned that if I look at each day as an opportunity to spend individual time that I might not have with each of the children I love, my attitude would be much more positive.

The good news is, and one that might be hard to see right now, this won’t last forever. They will eventually have their lunches packed, hit the bus, and not come home until school and activities are over.

Children Grow up so Fast

But after raising my older children I have come to realize that they grow up so fast. And before you know it, they aren’t around bothering you, making noise, or causing chaos – and you long for those days. I have changed my perspective on homeschooling to give myself a break, they will be fine if a lesson gets missed or I didn’t have an answer when they need it. But in the end, my mission is to look back at this time together as a blessing, not a burden.

You’re Not Alone – We are all in This Together!

So if you are overwhelmed and worried about what comes this school year, just know that we are all in the same boat. As parents, we do all that we can to enrich the lives of our children. And that spending time with them is something that we are lucky to have – even if they at times drive us insane. Most of all, know that we here at Sea Turtle Properties aren’t just realtors looking to sell you a home.

We are people who care deeply and greatly about you and the connection we have made in our relationship formed finding the home that might be making you crazy sitting in now. And if at any time you need us – we are here for you. Take care, be kind to yourself, and give yourself a break knowing you are doing the best you can, and that that is all that anyone can ask of you.

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