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Getting Ready for the New Year – 5 Ways to Declutter Your Home to List

Have you ever noticed that right before the New Year, stores like Target and Walmart will start to line their shelves with organization bins and cleaning supplies? We are all creatures of habit, and there is something about embarking on a new year that gets us all into “clear out” and “clean up” mode. When it comes to making your home more attractive to be competitive, it is all about decluttering and creating a canvas for a potential home buyer to want to bring their belongings into color. So now is the time to start checking things off of your getting ready to sell checklist – and move – all in one.

Getting Ready to Sell Checklist – 5 Ways to Declutter Your Home to List

Rent a Storage Pod and Pack it Ahead of Time

The target is to sell your home and move in somewhere else, right? So why wait to start packing up the things that you don’t use every day or find essentially to your daily life? Take knick knacks down, dust off shelves, and pack your heirlooms to keep them safe. Not only are you making your home more “neutral,” you are ensuring that your valuables will be kept safe during showings. And best of all, you will be one step ahead when you sell and are ready to mov

Take Down Pictures – Less is More

Of course, you cherish framed family photos and your child’s artwork, but to potential buyers, it might be something that distracts them from the overall feel of a room. Walk around from room to room and put away, take down, and pack artwork that might not be everyone’s taste. It isn’t that you don’t have amazing decorating talents; it is just that everyone is different. And the key is to create an illusion that a home buyer has a clean slate to work with. Also, once you get the paintings and artwork down, it will make it easier for you to hire a painter, or to paint yourself. Painting is a must when considering putting your home on the market.

Think Like A Minimalist!

Over the past years, minimalist living has been the key for many people. Instead of being in a rush after you sell the house and start packing things that you might not even need, start going through your things now. The rule of thumb is if you haven’t used something in an entire year; you probably never will again. And if you want to be honest, most of the outdated stuff you have can probably be replaced without much cost. Be rational about what you really need and what might be more of a “hoarding” thing. Hire a dumpster and clean out everything you don’t need. Make a pile for trash and donation and make live your most encumbered life well after you move to your new home!

Closets do Matter

I know you don’t really want to think about someone looking at your private spaces, but they will. The condition of your closets will have an impact on a potential home buyer. If your closet is a mess and you can barely fit your own things in it; it will give buyers the impression that it is too small of a space for their things. Try to organize all of your closets, and then add some system to them. Not only will it help sell your house; you will be set and ready to go completely organized when you move into your new space – win-win.

Attics and Garages too!

Don’t think that the condition of your attic and garage doesn’t matter. People want to believe that there is enough space in your home for all of their things. Make sure to get rid of lawn equipment that is old or rusted, boxes in the basement of old things you probably don’t need, and sell what you aren’t using anymore. The key is to make your home more comfortable and uncluttered. And ultimately, to have your things in order before you pack to move things that you don’t need.

As we enter into a new year, what better way to do it than clean and free of “things” you don’t need. Your home will show better, and you will increase the likelihood of selling it if you make it an empty canvas for a new homeowner to color their own. If you start decluttering now, you will be at least half packed and ready to move when you do sell. And you won’t be wasting time, energy, or money taking things along that you really don’t need. Contact Sea Turtle Properties and let us help guide you through a getting ready to sell checklist today.

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