Take Man's Best Friend In Summerville

Fur-Friendly Places to Take Man’s Best Friend in Summerville

Many of the clients I work with are looking for a home within an excellent school district to raise their families in the Summerville area. But for many, having a community that is fur-friendly is also a concern. Some homebuyers I meet have family pets that aren’t just pets, they are an equal part of the family. And, as such, house hunters believe it is very important that they are included in the Summerville community. I can tell you first-hand that the residents of Summerville, SC will not only welcome you with open arms; they will do so with your fur-babies. Summerville is a dog-friendly type of place full of areas to walk and play with your best friend.

Wescott Park

Wescott Park is the place where softball and baseball are played. It is where young and old alike can train at the Ripken Training Facility or have fun swinging a bat at the batting cages. But it isn’t just about sports, there are also two playgrounds, a sand volleyball court, a five-station outdoor adult fitness area, and one enclosed and one outdoor shelter to hold events. Not just about the activities and sports, it is a vast amount of green space to toss the Frisbee around or play fetch. At Wescott Park, dogs are not only allowed; they are welcomed. They have not one but, two fence dog parks. One smaller dogs and one for larger dogs.

Dog and Duck Restaurant

Dog and Duck is an iconic place where residents of the Summerville community come to dine and sit amongst friends and neighbors. This casual and friendly pub is based around the notion that your furry friend is so much more than a friend; they are family. And as such, dogs are a staple. Although the “Dog" in the title might be due to the famous and delicious hot dogs on the menu, it is also a way to let patrons know that two and four-legged creatures are encouraged to gather, play, and get to know one another while dining or having an evening cocktail. You can come sit on the enormous patio with your friends. Dog and Duck even supplies water bowls for our furbabies.

Cuppa Manna

Dogs might not really enjoy a good cup of Joe, but their masters can’t get a better one than at Cuppa Manna.Cuppa Manna on Main Street in Summerville, is an espresso bar that has a philosophy of sitting a spell and taking your time. They serve all-day lunch and breakfast, which is great for those who don’t get going early enough to catch eggs and bacon. It also offers live music to soothe the soul and treats so everyone at the table is happy and fulfilled. They have several outdoor tables set just across the street from the stage at Hutchinson Square. Get your coffee and enjoy the show with your pup.

Magnolia Plantation

Magnolia Plantation is one of the oldest surviving plantations of Southern history. It was founded in 1676 and was the home and business of the Drayton family. The gardens are beyond fantastic, with thousands of varying colors and plants that bloom year-round. And they are open to visitors around the world, being one of the oldest public tourist sites in the US. But for Summerville residents, it is a place to find your serenity, while taking a leisurely stroll and stopping to smell the flowers. Magnolia Plantation is the perfect place to take Fido for a day trip and get some exercise in the beautiful scenery.

Saw Branch Trail

For the fabulous dog/human duo who is looking for a little more than a slow and steady course, the Saw Branch Trailsare multi-use trails that are challenging enough for man or dog. The entire trail is a 13.2-mile hike that is moderately busy, and highly fun. It is a popular trail for biking, walking, running, or just taking your furry bestie for a walk. The trails are ten-foot-wide so there is plenty of room for you to mingle side-by-side with friends. And it is also a place where people still wave and say hello while making their way to and from the beginning to the end.

Montreux Bar and Grill

Looking for a casual atmosphere to enjoy live music and a glass of wine or two? The Montreux Bar and Grill is it. Whether your favorite is Taco Tuesday or all you can eat Fish Fry Wednesday, there is always something wonderful on the menu. From trivia to mimosas for Sunday-Funday – there is always something brewing at this Summerville favorite hot-spot. And the best part is you don’t need a sitter for baby or fur-baby, all are welcome.

Country Inn & Suites

Like many of the establishments in the Summerville area, the Country Inn & Suites and Home 2 Suites are non-fur discriminate. They cater to dogs by offering walking trails to get the steam out and convenient places to take your dog on a leash.

Five Loaves Cafe

For those who are committed to a greener, more sustainable living style, Five Loaves Cafe is ideal. Their daily specials are always served with the freshest of ingredients. Five Loaves Cafe's philosophy is to utilize as much of the local community as possible by investing in local growers and keeping the Summerville economy strong by staying close to home. If you and your pup are looking to reduce your carbon-paw print, then Five Loaves Cafe will quickly become number one on your list for lunch, brunch, and dinner.

Accent on Wine

What is better than sitting a while and partaking in a wonderful glass of wine? Doing so alongside your bestie! If you are looking for a quiet night out just the two of you or joining others for some wine and a charcuterie board, then Accent on Wine will be one of your new hot-spot favorites. Your fur-friend might not be a wine connoisseur, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy the excellent company.

Kickin Chicken

Although the title emphasizes chicken, this place is all about the dog! Happy Hour is a time when people in the community come to try what’s on tap. They have a large covered patio with fans to keep cool. They also hold upcoming events regularly to get everyone active in the community. If you are looking for a low-key place to sit a spell and just hang out, then Kickin Chicken is a perfect venue where the atmosphere and people are nothing but chill.

Lowes and Home Depot

Your fur-family doesn’t have to be a service dog to be accepted into the doors of Summerville’s Lowes and Home Depot. Who better to help you pick up things to improve your home, then the ones who live and love there? It is not uncommon to see dogs on leashes walking their master’s around the aisles, and the associates sometimes even have treats to make everyone smile.
Summerville is a place that is all about family and community. And in Summerville, your fur-baby is just as welcome as your family members. Unlike other communities, seeing animals out and about is not rare; it is the norm. So if you are looking for a new place to call home for you and yours, Summerville is the answer. Contact Sea Turtle Properties today to discuss how we can find your new forever home for you and your fur-bestie.

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