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Don’t Choose at Random – Four Reasons We Should Be Your Homes for Heroes Specialists!

If you are in the military or a first responder, you might be eligible to participate in the Homes for Heroes program. Homes for Heroes helps homebuyers save money on just about every aspect of buying a home, from the inspection to the mortgage rate. But it does take a realtor with some experience to save you the most money. Since every little bit helps, it is important to find someone who is familiar with the program. With so much riding on your choice, don’t just Google “Homes for Heroes realtors near me.” Here are four reasons to choose Sea Turtle Properties!

We Have the Experience You Need

Of all the realtors in the Summerville area, Sea Turtle Properties prides itself on knowing the Homes for Heroes program extremely well. We understand the eligibility requirements and how to maximize your savings. Government programs are amazing and something that we are all thankful for, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to navigate! We have the expertise to make sure that you get all that you are entitled to – and hopefully a little bit more!

Networking is Ideal

The Homes for Heroes program involves a concerted effort for many aspects of the home buying process. The more professionals that you find in the industry, the more you save. Find a realtor in the area, like Sea Turtle Properties, who not only has the experience but also has networks that they can tap into to make the process go even more smoothly and get you all the possible savings without the hassle!

We are Savvy

Although the guidelines are pretty set, there are some things to consider where having a creative and savvy outlook can benefit the client. We have been doing this a long time and have been in a lot of situations where we’ve had to pivot to find solutions to hurdles. We believe in going above and beyond to find our customers the best homes and then get them into those homes!

We Love What We Do

We don’t participate in Homes for Heroes for the publicity that comes with giving back. We are a Homes for Heroes real estate agency because we honor so many in the community who continually sacrifice and put their lives on the line; we feel honored to give them any break we can. To date, we have donated more to Homes for Heroes than any other real estate company in Summerville, SC!

The Homes for Heroes program is designed to help those who help so many others by finding savings opportunities in every part of the home buying process. Finding a realtor who participates should involve more than just Googling “homes for heroes realtors near me.” When you hire a company like Sea Turtle Properties, you get the advantage of our experience, networking, and willingness to go above and beyond to give back to you for giving to many in our community and beyond. We are honored to help our heroes find the home of their dreams and make it their reality. Contact us today to get all the savings possible!

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