Looks When Hiring a Property Management Company

Five Musts to Look for When Hiring a Property Management Company…

Having a second home is not only a great way to provide multi-streams of investment income; it is also a great getaway. But what is not great is the many requirements that having a rental property comes with. When you are far removed, it is difficult to keep an eye on things, which is why hiring a rental property management company is so critical. The company you hire will be trusted with your valuables and one of your greatest assets. Before you sign a contract and allow someone to care for your home the way that you would, make sure to look for these five signs that signal excellence in a property management Summerville, SC company!

Fine Details

For most of us, things get lost in the fine details. At CVP, we understand how important first, second, and lasting impressions are. We go to great lengths to ensure the people who stay at your property are 100% satisfied from arrival to departure. We understand that it is the little things like the way that the toilet paper is folded, the towels are displayed, and the toiletries are aligned, that makes all the difference. Your guests deserve the best, and you deserve someone who will provide it for them.


Courtesy is one of those words, and things, that not many people consider anymore, but we do. Being courteous might seem pretty simple, but in the service industry, you would be surprised. At CVP, we believe that it is super easy to go above and beyond to make sure that your guests feel a priority. All of our staff is hand-selected because they strive for a five-star rating.


Cleanliness was a huge factor before COVID. In the rental industry, cleanliness can now make or break you. We make sure that all of our rentals are white-glove ready. But most importantly, we feel an obligation to stop the spread of COVID and other viruses by thoroughly disinfecting all of the rental properties that we manage. We not only want to make things look nice; we want to keep everyone safe and healthy.


One of the best ways to protect your real estate investment is maintenance. Poorly maintained properties not only lose value; they get bad reviews and ratings. In the rental industry, your ratings and reviews are all that you have to go by. Pictures say a thousand words, but the story your customers tell is worth way more. Our mission is not only to maintain your home; it is to repair things immediately and to make sure that small problems don’t become major ones due to negligence. We treat all of our properties as if our reputation stakes on them, because, it does!


Speaking of reputation, we have worked diligently to earn a reputation for excellence in Charleston and Asheville. We not only believe in making the most for our rental properties by maximizing income during peak times and minimizing it during times of low vacancy; we truly care about every renter who puts their trust in us to deliver what we promise. Reputation comes from ensuring that the rental properties are managed and cared for and that renters are happy and satisfied. It might not be easy, but nothing worthwhile is.

Owning a second home comes with many advantages, but it is not easy. The good news is we are committed to treating your rental as if it were our own. Contact our property management Summerville, SC company today to discuss how we can find a vacation rental or short-term rental to make your vacation the best or how we can manage your rental property with excellence.

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