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Five Questions to Ask a Realtor Before Hiring Them

Every occupation requires a good balance of training and natural talent, and real estate is no different. The key to a good home buying or selling experience rests with the realtor you hire. You want to find someone with industry knowledge, but they also have to have a personality style that works with yours and is responsive to your needs. Not all realtors are cut out to work with every potential home seller or buyer. You can find the best fit by asking these five critical questions of the top real estate agents in Summerville, SC.

What is Your Availability?

In every market, time is going to be essential, but it’s even more so in the red-hot market that we are now experiencing. A real estate agent does have a life outside of their job; everyone does. The key isn’t finding someone who works around the clock; instead, you need someone who knows how to network and can ensure that if they aren’t available, they will have someone pick up the slack. If you hire someone without a backup plan, then there is a good chance that you might miss out on an opportunity or two!

What Type of Local Network Do You Have?

Speaking of networking, having well-established ties to the community is vital. Ask your potential realtor not how many years they have been in the industry, but how long they have lived in the particular community where you want to relocate. When it comes to finding an area that suits you, someone who has a good understanding of the makeup of a neighborhood or area can better match what you want with what a particular place offers its residents.

Are You Willing to Roll Up Your Sleeves if Necessary?

Realtors sometimes have to wear many hats, which means that they have to go the extra mile to ensure that things go smoothly. Again, a realtor can’t be at your beck and call around the clock, but finding someone willing to chip in to help out when things get chaotic is going to be a huge advantage. If someone is only in it for the payout, then when the going gets rough, they might just get going – but not in a good way!

How Big Are Your Shoulders?

As anyone who has ever bought or sold a house will tell you, it can sometimes become very emotional and frustrating. A realtor will likely encounter some uncomfortable situations and have to shoulder some emotional turmoil by absorbing it and taking it too personally. A realtor is not there as a therapist or a punching bag, but they do sometimes have to put things in perspective and let emotions roll off their shoulders. If you tend to be more on the emotional side, make sure your realtor can take it!

What is Your Industry Knowledge Level?

How knowledgeable is your realtor about the complex situations that can sometimes throw everyone for a loop? A good realtor will know how to circumnavigate some legal hurdles, understand mortgage lending, and will also be in tune with programs such as FEMA and Homes for Heroes. Make sure that your realtor knows everything you need for a smooth home buying or selling process.

The real estate industry is not an easy one. If you want to make sure that you have the best experience possible, then it is important to weed through the many real estate agents to find the one that matches your personality, is knowledgeable, and has the experience to make the home selling and buying process as smooth as possible. At Sea Turtle Properties, we understand that real estate can come with many emotional hurdles, and we do all that we can to go above and beyond to find you the home of your dreams! Contact our top real estate agents in Summerville, SC today to get started!

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