Improvements to make you fall in love with your home

Five Improvements to Make you Fall in Love With Your Home Again This Valentine’s Day

Ah, it is close to that wonderful iconic LOVE holiday. But falling in love isn’t just about finding a mate; you should love the home you are in. If it has been a while since you have spruced things up and you are ready to upgrade and love it again, these are the best improvements to make that have the highest rate of investment return (ROI). For just a little bit of money and some sweat equity, you not only will make your home value increase; your satisfaction will follow suit.

Change out Flooring

If you have kids, dogs, or if you do a lot of entertaining, your carpet can really take a beating. Carpeting is super comfortable under your feet, but it doesn’t make things comfortable for allergy sufferers, especially as we approach spring. How nice would it be not to stress about the kids dropping a drink, or the dog having muddy paws? If you replace your carpeting with hardwood flooring or tile, you can wipe it clean and forget it. The investment of converting your carpeted areas to more durable materials might be hard to swallow, but you will recoup the cost very quickly. And you will also live a whole lot more stress-free. If hardwoods aren’t your first love, there are a ton of trendy new tile options that you might just fall in love with and have to have!

Change Out Your Ceiling Fans

I know, you might be thinking, what’s in a ceiling fan… There are a lot of super cool fans on the market that don’t cost very much. Instead of the same white or faux wood blade fan, consider a more “luxury” or “renovated” look. Fans aren’t just something that helps to move air and reduce your energy costs; they set the tone for a room. If you want a master bedroom that feels more like an oasis, then look into getting a fancy dropdown. Or, if you want a more “industrial” look, find a metal cage fan that moves a whole lot of air and looks super “lofty” and cool. You would be amazed at how quickly you can change the ambiance of a space by simply changing those things that you think no one notices; they do!

Add Wainscoting or Trim

Wainscoting is one of those extras that you see in old homes that signal the house was expensive for the time. It isn’t just a great way to add texture to a room, it is an excellent way to protect the wall from things like kids and dogs. Wainscoting trim is much more durable, and if you use high gloss paint to cover it, all you have to do is wipe it clean. In the bathroom, it can really make a statement, and again, it can lower your cleaning maintenance! Trim work on the walls and ceilings add grandiose to any decor. And the cost of having someone do it is pretty minimal. You can do it in one room, like the dining room, or add it to the entire house. It is a very immediate and awesome way to upgrade your rooms in different ways.

Use Built-Ins to Astonish and Organize

There is nothing worse than having too much “stuff” and no place to organize or put it. Adding built-ins to the laundry will help you store all those little things that you have no space for. Or, have someone build shelves in your closet to house your things. It is a New Year, and what better way to fall in love with your house than to make it more organized and orderly! Built-ins aren’t only awesome looking, if you plan them correctly, they are utilitarian too.

Change out Your Entry Way Door

It might not seem super important, but if you think about it, your front door is the impression that you make to the world. If you have a plain wooden door that requires painting frequently, why not replace it with a steel door? Steel doors come in all sorts of fancy designs. And once more, they work by helping to reduce your energy costs. Even better, they are harder to break into, so they increase your safety and security. If you want to get really fancy, add some transom windows around the entryway. They will provide the dual purpose of allowing you to see who is at the door, while also letting a lot more natural light in.

Can you feel it? Valentine’s Day is in the air. And as you rekindle with your mate, now is also an excellent time to fall in love with your home again. Simple fixes can make a dramatic difference for very little money. And if you plan right, they can also help to increase your home’s value. Of course, if you just can’t see yourself falling again, then now is an excellent time to list your house and find another dream home to love. Contact Sea Turtle Properties to discuss how we can make you love where you live today.

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