Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What property management services do you provide?

We offer an extensive range of property management services, including screening prospective tenants, listing the property, performing property inspections, collecting rent, regulation enforcement, evictions and record keeping. We also ensure that the property is well maintained and handle everything through a tenant and owner portal.

Can a property manager help me avoid bad tenants?

Absolutely! By using a property manager, you have access to a comprehensive screening system for potential tenants, so that any problems can be identified before the lease is signed. If you happen to have a bad tenant, then your property manager will also handle the eviction process. We also follow up on delinquent rental payments so that you do not have to.

Do I need to buy special insurance as a landlord?

It is highly recommended that you take up landlord insurance for your rental property. Often, standard home insurance policies can only be purchased for a home that you live in and do not provide coverage for rental activities, so if anything happens to your property during a lease, landlord insurance will ensure that you do not have to pay anything out of pocket.

Why sell with Sea Turtle Properties?

Not only do we boast exceptional local knowledge of the Summerville area, but our team focuses on those special moments that come with selling your home. Our goal is to help you through this exciting time without any hassles or headaches, so that your adventure is something you will look back on with fondness.