Academic Excellence in Summerville,SC

Dorchester District 2 Schools – Academic Excellence in Summerville, SC

When it comes to the state of South Carolina, I am not going to sugar coat it; the school system ranks among one of the lowest in the nation. That is just the reality of what many who live in the state have to deal with. When I have prospective buyers with children looking to move to the Summerville, SC area, one of the first concerns that they have is the quality of schools that Summerville has to offer.
When it comes to real estate, the reason why location is so important is not only for convenience, public transportation, and recreational activities. When it boils down to it, the school district location is a huge factor. Whether you have children or not, the quality of the school district you live in is a significant determinant of the value of your home. If the quality raises, so do home prices. In the end, a community is much healthier and better-served if the families who live there enjoy excellence in education.

The Facts About Dorchester School District

Many of the homes in Summerville are blessed to reside in the Dorchester 2 School District, which is very important to the community’s overall well being. And the superior education that it provides to children around Summerville is priceless. The overall rating of the Dorchester District 2 Schools is an A, which is fairly hard to come by in a public school period, in South Carolina, even more so.
Currently, the schools in the district combined have about 26,000 students in grades PreK to high school. That means that Summerville residents enjoy a 16 to one ratio of children per teacher. And according to recent test scores, students score significantly higher in the district when compared to other students in South Carolina.

Excellent Athletic Department

One of the best ways to keep children on task and motivated is through the discipline of having sports included in their daily routine. Dorchester 2 has one of the best-rated athletic departments of any in the state, scoring number two of 85 comparatively.
The opportunities for children to play and even excel in sports helps to increase their odds of perhaps going on to play college sports. And at Dorchester 2 it is significantly higher than you would find in other public schools. A great amount of attention is paid to both encouraging and fostering children to push ahead and do their best; not just on the field, but in all aspects of academia.

Outstanding Graduation Rate

Unlike other districts in South Carolina where graduation rates remain below the national average, Dorchester 2 School District ranked in the top ten percent of all the schools in South Carolina with a graduation rate of 85%. That number is up from 77% just five years ago because the district continually strives to enhance the experience they provide to students and families. Although a highly diverse school, one of the highest in diversity in the state, the teachers and administrators seek to pay full attention to each child that enters the school doors.

My Own Children Benefited From the Dorchester 2 Schools – You Have my First-Hand Experience

As a realtor, my job is to give you the facts that you need to make an informed choice not just about the home you buy or sell, but how good of an investment the area is. I not only sell homes in Summerville because that is where I reside; I do so because I have been blessed to watch my family grow up in the Summerville community and can’t wait to welcome more young families in.
When it comes to the Dorchester 2 School District, I can tell you first-hand that my children enjoyed a wonderful education and childhood attending them. And they went on to be very successful because of the teachers and administrators who care so much. So, I am not selling you a school because it is my job; I am doing it because I believe it is a wonderful place to send your children.

Why I am Passionate About Summerville, SC

The reason I am so passionate about what I do is that I love Summerville and believe that it is one of the greatest places to live and raise children. The Dorchester 2 School District is just one of the many reasons that I call Summerville, SC home; and I think you should too. Contact me to join us in a wonderful community; let’s find your forever-home today!

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