Does the School District Really Matter?

As a real estate agent, I’m often asked whether the school district that you buy a home in really matters. Some people don’t have children and don’t plan to; others are empty-nesters or aren’t at a stage in life where children’s education is a concern. So why not buy a home in a slightly less competitive school district? It might seem intuitive that schools should only be a concern to those who will be using them, but it isn’t. When purchasing your home, school districts are always going to make a difference to you as a homeowner.

Why Should I Care About the School District?

The quality of a school district is usually reflected in the price of homes in the area. A desirable district and location is going to be more expensive than homes that are in a poorly-rated district. However, as a homeowner, it might be more difficult to sell your home if you need or want to. So although the school district might not matter to you, it does matter to the majority of people who will be potentially looking to buy a home.

What are the Best Ways to Find a Desirable School District in Charleston?

As a realtor, we aren’t allowed to tell you whether an area is considered good or not, but what we can do is provide you with the statistics and ratings of the area that you are considering. It is important to pay attention to everything from average tax bills to school ratings to determine whether you are investing well by buying in a specific location. Over the years, I have had many homebuyers tell me that they aren’t concerned about the schools, only to figure out down the line that the school quality might have discounted their home’s value, so I always advise buyers to consider everything before making your investment!

Schools Often Determine Other Factors of a Neighborhood or Area

Often, school districts influence the community that they serve, which means that school districts can affect things like crime rates and safety. Although we don’t have many concerns about those things in Summerville, it is a good thing to investigate wherever you move. Sure, a house break-in might seem benign – until you are the victim of one. If you purchase a home in a good school district, it might help to heighten your security and that of your children, too.

Private Schools Make Sense for Some, but Not All

I have also had the occasion where a client will tell me that they are going to be sending their children to private school so their location doesn’t matter. Again, the same argument applies to those who don’t have or will not have children. My suggestion is to make school district quality and the price of a home synonymous and don’t think about whether you will need the school or not. Of course, as a parent you want the best for your children, but as a homeowner, you also want the best for your investment – so they are one and the same!

If you are in the market for a new home, the inventory issue might have you considering other options or switching gears. If you have the mentality that the school district that you reside in doesn’t matter, you might want to rethink that. The value of a home is usually related to other factors that you need to be aware of as a homeowner, whether you’re with or without children. At Sea Turtle Properties, we believe that our customers deserve to know all that they need to to make the most informed decision. We have the industry expertise and knowledge to give you all the info you need and then support whatever decision you make. Contact us today if you are looking for homes in the Summerville area!

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