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Things to Brighten Your Curbside Appeal for the Holiday Market

With Halloween behind us, the holiday season is almost in full swing. And as irritating as it can be to jump the decoration gun, this year is different. There is no denying that 2020 was one of the most difficult years in history that anyone can remember. And although we would all like to say goodbye and move along, the holidays are still a time to build memories and give it your all.

Holiday decorations can work both for and against a home seller, depending on how tastefully it is done, how it enhances versus hides the natural beauty of your home, and how well you clean it up before you decorate. Try these ways to brighten your curbside appeal to make your house more appealing for the holiday market.

Power Washing

One of the best and easiest ways to really breathe new life into the exterior look of your home is power washing. Power washing can help to remove built-up mold, mildew, and stains from your home. As a dual benefit, pressure washing will also make it easier for lights to stick to the house and extend the life of your exterior materials. For very little cost, you can make a significant difference in the aesthetics of your home.

Christmas Lights Make Your Home Look “Homey”

What homebuyers are looking for most is the illusion of them in your home growing roots and making it their own. Christmas lights are an excellent way to make people feel the spirit of the holidays. But too many lights can distract from the look of your home or hide the best parts of the architecture and light.

If you usually do your Christmas light installation on your own, you might want to consider having a professional company do it. The small cost that they charge to design and install commercial lights is well worth it! Commercial-grade lights also shine brighter, and if they keep it simple, a professional placement will be advantageous to sell your home.

Put Your Christmas Tree in the Window

A Christmas tree reminds people of family, traditions, and memories, which can all help to make a connection between your home and potential homebuyers. When possible, try to put your lit tree near a window so that people can see it from the curb. A lot of homebuyers make an impression of your home when driving up. So wow them right out the gate by putting your best foot forward.

Clean Sidewalks and Driveways

While power washing your siding and roof, make sure to get the walkways, sideways, and driveways. Not only do you want those places to be debris and dirt-free to enhance your curbside appeal; you want to keep them safe. When you allow leaves and other dirt to sit without washing for a while, they can grow algae and mold, which can result in some pretty slick conditions. Homebuyers probably won’t form a favorable opinion about your home if they have a slip and fall injury. So when listing your house, make sure to walk around the exterior of your home and look for any place that can use a little TLC and cleaning.

Enhance the Entryway

You want your entryway to be bright, welcoming, and friendly. Take special care to light up the entryway with garland and other decorations. Add splashes of green, gold, and red tones to attract the eye. But try hard not to overdo it and put too much in the way. If you add too much decor, it can distract from potential homebuyers seeing the house and the fine details that should stand out. Decorations are meant to enhance the features of your home, not distract from them.

Light the Path

When people walk to your home, they don’t want to trip and search with their hands being their eyes. Light the path for them from the car to the front door, and they will be very appreciative. If you use nice warm tones, it will also give them that “home" feeling. The walk up to your home is just as important in making the first impression as is the curbside appeal when they drive up. Take the time to do the little extras that will help welcome home buyers and you will be rewarded for it – for sure!

With the holiday season upon us, now is an excellent time to maximize the holiday spirit curbside appeal of your home. Many home buyers form an opinion about how much they are going to like your home based on the exterior. So put some care and elegance into getting them to the front door, and it will really pay off. For more decorating ideas, let Sea Turtle be your guide.

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