What Characteristics to Look for in Your Real Estate Agent

With the real estate market still going red-hot in Summerville, SC, you might be considering either buying or selling in the area. Although it may seem like the agent that you use might not really matter, it does. Buying or selling a home can sometimes come with significant hurdles, legalities, and other stressful situations related to financing.

Homes for Heroes – What is it and is it for you?

Sea Turtles Properties al Homes For Heroes Realtor Affiliate. Homes for Heroes is even more important to us this year as we reflect on how the first responders and other community leaders put their lives on the line to save lives, day in and out. The program is designed to give assistance to home buyers who work tirelessly to make sure our community, and country, is safeguarded. It is a program that is meant to give back to the many who give so much to everyone without expecting anything in return.

Let’s Get Training! Fun Runs in the Summerville Area This Upcoming Spring

A lot of people commit to changing their bad habits and getting into shape as a New Year’s Resolution. Although gyms remain limited, and some even closed, the great outdoors are always open for business. An excellent way to get into shape and to stay motivated while doing so is to set your sites on a running competition. Even if the virus continues to loom over the next several months, likely, outdoor running events will still be a-go. So, pick a realistic event to train for, strap on your shoes, and hit the pavement to train for these fun runs in the Summerville area.