Upgrades Home Buyers in Summerville,SC

6 Upgrades Home Buyers in Summerville, SC are Looking for in the COVID Era

2020 has brought with it unprecedented consequences for life in general, but especially for the real estate market. Although things began to look economically grim as we were all ordered to shut down business; the one industry that has continued to forge ahead without incident is home buying and selling. If you are considering listing your house to get in while the getting is still hot, these are the top six upgrades that buyers are looking for in the COVID era. Now is definitely the time to get in, and making these simple changes will put your house ahead of the competition.

Outdoor Entertainment and Living Space

If there is one change that people have made to the way that they live it is entertaining. Social distancing is something that people have become very conscious of. Yet, they still want to see friends and family. More than seven months into COVID, now more than ever people are looking for a safe place to entertain and to feel free from the isolation of being indoors. Homebuyers are looking for outdoor kitchens, in-ground fire pits, or even a four seasoned porch that can be opened to let the fresh air in. You don’t have to invest a lot to carve out a little place to enjoy the great outdoors at home.

Functional Classroom or Office Space

Another thing that people around the nation are looking for is a place to separate work and home life. With so many people either remote working or learning, homebuyers are looking for space where you can be all business away from the bustle of the house. Homebuyers also want to have a separate space where they can find creativity and decor that will resonate if they have to be involved in zoom meetings where lighting and privacy are critical.


It isn’t always possible to have a completely separate space to conduct business or home life privately. A home that is well-segmented to allow for various activities is highly desirable. You want to be close by when your child is remote learning, but you also want to be able to conduct your life as you did before. Things like room dividers, pocket doors, or hanging barn doors are a great way to give the illusion of privacy and separation even if you can’t etch out an entire room.

Home Gym or Place to Find Zen

One of the hardest things that active people have had to adjust to and forego is the gym. Most people have opted to avoid the closeness and contagious nature of their gym or workout studio and opted to do it at home. When the summer was in full swing, being outdoors and active was easy. With winter coming, many people are looking for indoor space to exercise and find their inner chi. Staging a room with a treadmill and other workout paraphernalia will allow homebuyers to see the possibilities of working out indoors at home.

In-Law Suite Makeover

With COVID still a threat, many multigenerational living arrangements have had to be made separate from one another. Since you don’t want your elderly parents at home with children who can be contagious, many homebuyers are looking for renovated separate living spaces like in-law suites, above garage dwellings, and cottages. If you have a separate area that can be self-sufficient, put the money into renovating it now to list your home.

Redoing the Laundry Room

It might seem unrelated, but since COVID hit, people are more concerned about contagion, cleanliness, and hygiene more than ever before. A spacious laundry room has always been a high selling behind-the-scenes feature, but now it appears to be more front and center for homebuyers. And the good part of it is that it takes very little to spruce up the laundry room to make it a more pleasant and useful space in your home.

COVID has pretty much changed the way that people see life, in general, and we are seeing it even more so in their homebuyer wants. If you are ready to list your home, there is literally no time like the present.

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